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Careers in Fashion

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Students who pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Design learn the requisite skills for designing and executing apparel lines. This includes techniques such as illustration, production, computer design, textile manipulation, marketing. A graduate will complete the program with a collection of work that can be used as a design portfolio.

  • Accessories Designer
  • Apparel Designer
  • Colorist
  • Draper
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Pattern Maker/Grader
  • Product Development Specialist
  • Sourcing Specialist
  • Stylist
  • Textile Designer

Students who pursue a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Product Development learn the requisite skills focusing on the technical design and management within the mass market sector. This degree is a hybrid of skill sets used in fashion design and fashion merchandising. The Product Development path includes an automatic Business Administration minor. Students can also choose to double major with Merchandising and add a second minor in Business Marketing or Business Management. 

  • Sourcing Specialist
  • Product Specification Analyst
  • Stylist
  • Mass Market Design Specialist
  • Manufacturer's Rep
  • Manufacturing Account Manager

Students who pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree for Fashion Merchandising learn both the design and merchandising aspects of the fashion industry. This bachelor's program includes training in accounting, management, marketing and computer technology skill sets.

Graduates with this degree possess the skills necessary to recognize and analyze fashion sales trends at store or corporate levels. Graduates also specialize in promotions careers to include visual merchandising, styling, marketing and public relations. 

  • Fashion Buyer
  • Fashion Forecaster
  • Planning & Distribution Analyst
  • Print Media Development
  • Product Development Specialist
  • Promotions
  • Retail Management
  • Stylist
  • Visual Merchandiser