Environmental Health, Safety And Risk Management

University of the Incarnate Word Smoking Policy

University of the Incarnate Word

Smoking Policy

Approved by Executive Council on

March 26, 2014


General Statement


The University’s policy on smoking recognizes a person’s need for a healthy school, work and community environment and balances that with another’s person’s choice to smoke.


General Policy


Smoking is not permitted within buildings and outdoor sports facilities on the University campuses.  Smoking is prohibited within 20 feet of buildings.   The Executive Council may designate areas for either smoking or non-smoking that are exceptions to the General Policy.


University Owned or Leased Vehicles


Smoking is prohibited in University owned or leased vehicles.


UIW School of Osteopathic Medicine Campus


Smoking is prohibited at the School of Osteopathic Medicine campus.


High Schools and Other Sites


Smoking is prohibited on the campuses of Incarnate Word High School and St. Anthony Catholic High School. 




The policy applies to all persons on the University campuses, including students, employees, visitors and contractors.


Designated Smoking or Non-smoking Areas


Smoking or non-smoking areas may be designated that are excluded from the General Policy.  A request for a designated smoking/non-smoking area may be submitted to the Director of Facilities and will be subject to approval by the Executive Council.  Considerations for a designated smoking/non-smoking area will be distance from entrances, air intakes, air conditioning units, operable windows and concentrations of people.  Designated smoking/non-smoking areas will be marked by signage placed by the Department of Facilities Management.




Persons who are in violation of the Smoking Policy should be asked to refrain from smoking.  Persons in violation may be reported to Campus Police.  Employee violators may be subject to disciplinary process, student violators to the student disciplinary process, and visitors in violation may be required to leave campus as instructed by Campus Police.



List of Designated Non-Smoking Areas


  • At shuttle stops.
  • In the Administration building courtyard (located behind the Administration building.)
  •  In the Fine Arts building courtyard (located between the Fine Arts building and the Halligan-Ibbs building.)
  • The deck near the basement entrance of the Mabee Library (located near the Media Center)
  • Friendship Plaza located between Agnese-Sosa Living Learning Center and Clement Hall.
  • Smoking is prohibited at the Saidoff Center.
  • Sidewalk between Marian Hall and the Gorman and Clement Hall buildings.


List of Designated Smoking Areas


  • Smoking at the Northwest Center campus is only permitted in the designated smoking area. 
  • Smoking at the Rolling Oaks Mall site is determined by Mall policy, which is outside building.
  • Smoking at the SAC Dual Enrollment Center is permitted in the breezeway.   


Smoking Definition


Smoking is the use of tobacco products (including, but not limited to, cigarettes, pipes, cigars, snuff, or chewing tobacco).  Use of electronic cigarettes also constitutes smoking for this policy.