UIW ARMY Reserve Officer Training Corps (R.O.T.C.)

By arrangement with the Alamo Community Colleges, University of the Incarnate Word and Our Lady of the Lake University, the following program description also pertain to enrollees from those institutions in the St. Mary's University Department of Military Science. In addition, a Leadership Laboratory is held every Wednesday afternoon for two hours, to further the development of leadership skills through a varied program consisting of field trips, practical exercises, and visits to military installations. This laboratory is required each semester for all Military Science students.

Four-Year Program

The Basic Course, usually pursued concurrently with the freshman and sophomore years, is voluntary for students who are physically qualified for military training. There is no obligation incurred by non-scholarship cadets. Veterans who have served on active duty for a period of over one year and who have received an honorable discharged, or High School students that have completed 3 or 4 years of JROTC may be granted credit for the basic course with concurrence of the Professor of Military Science.

The Advanced Course is for students who are physically qualified and have met the standards prescribed by the Professor of Military Science in scholastic achievement and demonstrated leadership ability.  Cadets are normally enrolled in the Advanced Course during their Junior and Senior Year or Graduate students pursuing a Master Degree. They are required to attend a five-week ROTC Leadership Development Assessment Course (LDAC) the summer following their junior year. Upon satisfactory completion of LDAC and the academic work required for a degree, students are commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the United States Regular Army, the Army Reserves, or the Army National Guard.

Two-Year Program - Advance Course

In addition to the standard four-year course outlined above, the Army ROTC offers a two-year program for those who did not have or take the opportunity to complete the normal Basic Course.  In order to enroll in the Advanced Course, a student must successfully complete four weeks of leadership training, provided at the Leadership Training Course (LTC) during the summer months prior to beginning their junior year or their first year in graduate school. If students desire to take advantage of this opportunity, they should communicate directly with the Professor of Military Science not later than March 1 of the year proceeding the Fall semester of the school year. Those students seeking a Master Degree are eligible to participate in our two-year program. This program also provides competitive scholarship opportunities.

Scholarship and Remuneration

The Department of the Army offers 4, 3, and 2-year competitive scholarship assistance to qualifying ROTC students. This assistance consists of payment up to $25,000 a year to cover tuition and fees, and a $1200.00 a year book allotment, plus a grant to the ROTC cadet of $300.00 to $500.00 a month during the period of enrollment (not to exceed 40 months). The student need not be enrolled in the ROTC program prior to competing for a scholarship. Students interested in competing for scholarship assistance under this program should contact the Army ROTC Enrollment Officer.

ARMY Nurse Corps

As a ROTC nursing student, you'll be able to combine college electives in military science, and an invaluable summer clinical experience, with your regular nursing program. You will develop your professional and leadership skills while learning about yourself and what you can accomplish. Check here for additional information:

Army ROTC for Nursing Students

Uniform and Equipment

All uniforms, textbooks and other equipment will be issued to students enrolled in Army ROTC courses. Students are responsible for the maintenance and up keep of all items issued to them.


The Professor of Military Science and the Army ROTC offices are located at University of Incarnate Word in the Nursing Building, Room 100. For more information on scholarship opportunities, contact Augustine Chez Varela, Enrollment Officer of the Military Science Department, at, or call 832-3210; (mobile) 210-379-1997, or visit the office Mon.–Wed., 8:00am– 2:00pm

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