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The forms posted here are the most current versions. Older versions will not be accepted. Save time and effort: always check the IRB website for the most current version of a form before submitting.

Application Packet for IRB Approval
Please read the instructions on each component of the IRB Application Packet. Guidance has changed. Incomplete applications will be returned without review.

Protocol Continuation or Closure Request
Annual continuing review of IRB protocols and notification of a project's closure are required by both federal and university policy. Failure to submit these documents on the required timeline will result in federally mandated closure and notification of appropriate administrative officials.

Protocol Revision and Amendment Request
Any change to the approved study (including research procedures, instruments, title, research sites, addition or removal of investigators, change of faculty supervisor, number of subjects, consent form, or recruitment materials) must be reported to the IRB before implementation.


Checklists & Guides

These checklists are intended to help save time during review and provide investigators with assistance when determining a project's compliance with federal regulations.

Consent Form Checklist
Does my consent form cover everything it needs to? Use this checklist to determine which components are included in your consent document and which you need to add before submission for review.

Guide for Faculty Supervisors of Student IRB Protocols
This Guide is designed to assist faculty mentoring a student’s independent research, faculty teaching a research methods course in which students will apply for IRB approval, and faculty whose students are conducting a class project with sensitive populations or information.


Templates & Samples

These templates and samples are intended to assist in the preparation of application elements. Please do not copy and paste the information or simply fill in the blanks. Be sure to adapt the templates and samples to your own work. There is no one-size-fits-all template; your needs will be unique.

Sample: Email invitation and consent to take part in an online survey
When delivering an anonymous survey, some of the elements of consent may be eligible for elimination. You must still introduce the project as a research study, explain how long subjects can expect to participate, ensure confidentiality, and remind subjects they are are free to decline or discontinue participation. Always remember to include contact information for the researchers and IRB as well as the IRB approval number.

Sample: Minor assent to participate in a research study
When working with minors, it is important to help them understand what you'll be asking them to do. Even if their parents have signed a consent form, the child may not understand what is asked of them or not want to participate in the study. Even if their parents have signed a consent form, children should not be forced or pressured to participate. The assent process should take into account the maturity, age, and psychological state of the child and be adapted accordingly.


Assistance with Protocols, Review, or Consent Documents

For assistance, to schedule a workshop or demonstration for a class, or if any questions arise regarding training expiration dates or additional requirements, please contact the Office of Research Development for assistance at (210) 805-3036.













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