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Commencement is held in the Convocation Center, on the main campus, or in the Freeman Coliseum, off campus. Admission to either ceremony location is strictly controlled because of fire code regulations that limit seating in the facility.

Of primary importance to most students is the number of tickets they will receive to distribute to family and friends. The number tickets allocated is solely dependent upon the number of candidates graduating. The larger the graduating class, the fewer tickets distributed.

Therefore, it is critical that you accurately project when you plan to graduate and that you apply to graduate by the posted deadlines.  Students that apply to graduate on or before the posted deadline receive the full allotment of tickets. Students that apply after the deadline are charged a late fee and received a limited number of tickets, if they are available at the point that the student applies to graduate.

Once we allocate tickets, unused tickets go into a pool so that we may distribute them to students that need extra tickets. We want students to receive the maximum number of tickets needed so we work dilingently to meet every student's need. 


You will receive an email from the Registrar's Office personnel--four weeks prior to Commencement--providing you with the instructions to claim your tickets.  The instructions will provide the link that will take you to the portal for your tickets and will provide the associated dates that the portal will be open for you to claim your tickets.  Follow the instructions as directed.


  • You must use your UIW Cardinal email account for the email address in the ticket portal.
  • Print your tickets on 8 1/2" x 11" paper.
  • Each electronic ticket has a unique bar code needed for entry into the ceremony.  Upon entry, the barcode will be scanned and will no longer be valid for further entry.  DO NOT PRINT MULTIPLE COPIES OF YOUR ISSUED TICKETS.  Only one ticket will gain entry; others will be denied entry.

Extra Ticket Request

Please Note: The extra tickets that we may have available are minimal at best, possibly one to three tickets, and we will make every attempt to assist you with your need for additional tickets. However, please realize that because of fire code regulations we must closely monitor and restrict attendance based upon available seating.