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Registration is a integrated process that involves academic advisement, course selection, registering (either on-line or through the submission of a registration form), payment of all charges, and attending class.  New students may register through the many Orientation/Registration opportunities scheduled through the Office of Admissions.  Continuing students register after first meeting with their academic advisor.

We consider your registration a contractual relationship with the University and identify your responsibilities below:

  • You are responsible for knowing and following the policies, deadlines, and procedures outlined in this publication and other publications related to your registration and/or the conferral of your degree.
  • You may not attend a class for which you are not registered.
  • You will receive credit for only those classes for which you officially register. 
  • Your enrollment and/or your attendance in a class indicate your intent to receive credit and acceptance of all University charges for the semester. 
  • You are responsible for cancelling your registration if you do not plan to attend class or complete the course requirements for which you registered. 
  • You are responsible for your financial obligations with the University regardless of your payment method and regardless of whether you attend class or not. 
  • You are responsible for making arrangements to pay for your charges and doing so by the deadline posted in this publication.

Drop/Withdrawal Policy

Students are not dropped or withdrawn from courses if they do not attend. To qualify for a refund or reversal of charges you must drop or withdraw from class officially submitting the completed documentation before the deadlines noted in the academic calendar (found under the academic calendar link). Notifying an instructor or failing to attend class does not constitute an official drop or withdrawal from a course nor does it eliminate the student’s financial responsibility for his/her charges.

Online Registration Information
This link takes you to the online registration page which provides information about registering online and downloadable forms to assist you.

Priority Registration Schedule and Deadlines

Inline Registration Information
This link takes you to the inline registration page which provides information about registering inline and downloadable forms to assist you.

Registration Over-ride Authorization Form
Use this form to obtain signature/pre-requisite/class limit overrides. Approval on this form will not register you for the class. Once approval is gained, students must bring the form to the Registrar's Office.


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