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If you have technical problems gaining access using the posted URL, contact the UIW Help-Desk at 210-829-2721. Problems with individual screens should be directed to the Registrar’s Office at 210-829-6006.

1. From the log-on main page, select the key at the bottom
left hand corner of the screen. image









2. Enter your ID (SSN or OIN) on the first line. Enter your PIN carefully
on the secimageond line. If you enter your PIN wrong three times, your PIN will be disabled. You will be prompted to enter your PIN again to verify your entry. Your PIN is your birthday until you reset it. The birthday format is MMDDYY (example: 042302) without punctuations. Once reset, it remains the same until you change it.


image3. You will be prompted to verify your entry. Enter your PIN again—the same PIN you entered previously. DO NOT ENTER ANOTHER NUMBER. After you have entered your PIN again, select "login."

4. If this is your first attempt to log-on you will be prompted to reset your PIN. Select six numbers or letters that are unique to you and that you can remember. After you have entered your new PIN, select "login."

5. After your PIN has been accepted you will be taken to the main menu where you may then select the link you need. When you have completed your on-line activities, remember to log-off by selecting exit from the menu bar at the top, right part of the web page.

Proceed to Enrollment Verification.