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What is Degree Works? Degree Works is a web based tool to help students and advisors monitor student's progress toward degree completion. Degree Works combines UIW’s degree requirements and the coursework you have completed in an easy‐to‐read worksheet that helps you see how courses that you have completed count toward degree requirements, as well as what courses and requirements you still need to complete.

What is a degree audit? The degree audit worksheet is a review of your past and current coursework that provides information on completed and incomplete requirements. It can be used as a tool to plan and track your progress toward earning your degree. The audit can be used as part of advising sessions with academic advisors to determine course elections and confirm graduation requirements.

Who can use Degree Works? All currently enrolled students in the School of Professional Studies and UIW Online who enrolled after the Fall of 2011, and all main campus Undergraduate and Graduate students who enrolled in Fall 2013 or later, can use Degree Works.

Why is the system only available to students who are using recent catalogs? Because we have very, very few students still using earlier catalogs. If you are a student who is currently using an earlier catalog, please be assured that we will continue to help you track your progress and apply for graduation using CAPP.

How do I access Degree Works? Go to the MyWord portal,, and log in using your UIW username and password. Look for the Degree Works - Student icon.

How do I log out? From your degree audit window, click the Log Out tab in the upper right course to close your audit.

Is my student information confidential? Yes. Like other processes you use through Banner Self‐Service, your degree audit is accessed through your secure login.

How is Degree Works different from the CAPP or a Degree Plan? Degree Works provides information in a more user‐friendly and readable format.

How is my degree audit different from a transcript? Your degree audit is an unofficial document and can be viewed as a tool to provide you with academic information related to your degree progress. It can also help you plan your academic schedule. Your degree audit is not your official academic transcript. An official transcript can be supplied to you by requesting it from the Registrar’s Office.

How current is my degree audit information? The information/data is refreshed each night. Any changes made today (e.g., grade changes or classes added/dropped) will be seen on your audit tomorrow.

When should I look at my degree audit? Your degree audit is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from most networked computers. Review your degree audit information:

  • Before you meet with your academic advisor to discuss registration for an upcoming term.
  • Before registration use it to plan your courses for the term.
  • After you register to ensure that the courses you selected applied to your requirements like you
    thought they would.
  • After your grades for each term are posted.
  • Before you apply for graduation, review your academic record.
  • Any time you make a change to your schedule.

Can I register for classes in Degree Works? No. Registration will continue using our current method.

How is the degree audit organized? The audit is divided in categorical sections called blocks. The first block provides your student demographic information and is displayed in the fields at the top of the audit, followed by the requirement blocks. These blocks help you track the progress towards completing your degree. Courses that are not being counted towards general education/degree requirements but which may be used for major/minor requirements are listed in the General Electives block.

How does Degree Works decide where to place courses I have completed? Degree Works looks at your program holistically, and places each course using a “best fit” scenario. This process will not always be perfect, particularly when multiple possibilities exist, so if you have a course that does not appear in the area in which you wanted to use it, please contact your advisor or the Registrar's Office for assistance.

Does the degree audit show how many courses I have remaining to complete the degree requirements? Yes. The audit appears in categorical sections called ''blocks" displaying requirements for the degree requirements. Look for unchecked boxes to identify requirements that you still need to complete. Also, look at the Registration Checklist format of the worksheet audit, to see a concise list of requirements still needed.

Can I view a list of all of the classes I have completed? Yes. On the Worksheet tab, click on the Class History link for a printable list of completed and in progress courses.

Where are courses taken for a major and minor listed? Courses taken to fulfill major and minor requirements are listed in the block titled Major and Minor.

Degree Works placed one of my courses in two different places. Is that okay? Yes. Degree Works recognizes that some courses can fulfill more than one requirement.

Are my grades visible on my degree audit? Yes. Once grades have been processed at the end of each term, they are viewable on you degree audit.

What is the Plans tab?

The Plans tab will be activated in late October, and will allow your advisor to help you map out all your remaining requirements for each term until you graduate. 

How can I update my major, minor, or concentration? Visit with your advisor to update any details about your declared program of study/major.

Why is my major, minor or concentration is not appearing on my audit?

You might not have declared those so they are tracked as your official program in the Banner system. Visit with your advisor to confirm how to declare those.

If I withdraw from a class, will that be reflected in my audit? Yes. Courses from which you have withdrawn will appear in the Insufficient Block located at the bottom of your audit and will be indicated with a ''W" grade.

What does the @ symbol mean? The @ symbol in Degree Works is a wildcard. For example, if the @ sign appears with course numbers after it (i.e., @ 1000), this means that you can take a 1000 level course from any subject area. If it appears after a subject prefix (i.e., PSYC @), it means that you can take any Psychology course. Refer to the legend at the bottom of your audit that lists more symbols shown on the degree audit.

What is the General Elective block? This block contains courses that do not match any of the requirements in the other blocks. It also include courses that may meet requirements but you don't need them because you are using other courses to fulfill your requirements.

What is the Insufficient block? It is a list of courses that do not meet academic requirements.

What is the InProgress Block? These are courses that you are registered for but have not yet received grades. They could be courses in the past, present or future.

If all of the requirement boxes on my audit are checked, does that mean I'm graduating? No, you must apply for graduation. Once you are within 30 credits from completing your degree requirements, and have completed all of your community service hours, visit your advisor to apply for graduation.

Are there requirements for graduation that Degree Works doesn’t check? Yes. While Degree Works has been designed to check almost everything that you must complete to qualify for graduation, there may be additional requirements for your major that must be completed as well. You should use Degree Works in conjunction with the University Catalog and with any information that your major department provides to ensure that you remain on track for graduation. If you have questions about any additional requirements for your major, talk with your advisor during your next advising appointment.

My degree progress bar says that I’m 90% complete, but I’m only a sophomore. What’s wrong? The degree progress bar is a tool that takes the total number of check boxes on your audit, and calculates a percentage based on the number of boxes that are checked. Therefore, if you’re a pre‐major or are missing a major concentration emphasis area, you may have fewer boxes on your audit that need to be checked. As this information is added to your audit, your degree progress bar will reflect your progress more accurately.

Everything on my worksheet is checked, but the degree progress bar only says that I’m 97% done. What’s wrong? The degree progress bar will not show 100% completion until you finish all of your In‐Progress courses and earn acceptable grades in them.

I petitioned to waive/substitute a course. How will that course appear on Degree Works? Your petition will be programmed after it is approved by your advisor, dean and Registrar’s Office. It will then be entered by the Registrar’s Office. The course you completed will fulfill the requirement, and, in most cases, an additional line will appear under it that explains why the exception was entered.

Can I print a degree audit? Yes, there are two ways to print a degree audit: First, click the "Print" button located in the bar at the top of the page. The second, and best way to print, is to choose Save as PDF button, then open and print the PDF version of the audit.

What is the "What If" Feature? The WhatIf feature allows you to see how courses you have completed would be applied to another program of study. It will also show you what courses you would still need to complete for that program of study.

If I use the "WhatIf" feature, does that mean I have changed my program of study? No. If you like what you see in a What‐If Scenario, you can change your program of study by speaking with your academic advisor. Before changing your program of study, it is strongly recommended that you speak with an academic advisor. If you receive any type of financial aid, it is strongly recommended that you speak with the Financial Aid Office before you change your program of study. If you receive Veteran’s benefits it is strongly recommended you speak with your VA counselor and the UIW Veteran’s Service Office. Changing your program of study may affect the type and/or amount of aid you are eligible to receive.

Does Degree Works include my Advanced Placement (AP) credit and Transfer credits? Yes. Degree Works will include AP credits and transfer credits that have been accepted by UIW and appear on your transcript.

Where can I get more information about how to use the degree audit? If you have questions after reviewing the help information, please email your academic advisor or contact the Registrar’s Office.

I think my audit is incorrect. What should I do? While we have tried to make sure that your audit is correct, it is difficult to predict every unique situation or problem. We want to work with you to correct any issues as soon as possible. The first step is to clarify what information you believe is wrong. Please ask for help from the Registrar's Office at

Who should I contact if I have questions? Contact the Registrar's Office at or stop by their office in the Administration Building.


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