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Online Registration

During the fall 1999 semester, UIW made a substantial commitment to on-line registration and information resources. We encourage all students to use these technologies, not only for registration, but to view the schedule of classes and the University catalog, which are available to anyone on-line.  Students may enter the secure server to register for classes, review awarded financial aid and semester charges, pay their tuition and other charges, check holds, print official enrollment verification reports, and obtain copies of their schedules.  

Web registration may be accessed directly through your Internet connection by selecting the Bannerweb link (at the bottom of the page) from any computer, both on and off campus.  If web registration does not work with your browser or you do not have Internet access, please use one of the computers in any of the labs on campus. Contact Computing Support at (210) 829-6042 if you experience problem gaining access to the URL. You may download the log-in instructions here.

Want to avoid the registration lines?

  • Go to and check your holds
    • Select the Bannerweb link
    • Select the student services link
    • Select the student records link
    • Select the view holds links
  • Look for “Registration” indicated in the “Process Affected” block.  This hold will prevent registration
  • Contact the offices indicated in the “Hold Type” block.  Resolve your holds before Advising Day.

  • Check the classes to see if you meet the pre-requisite. 
  • If you completed the required class in transfer, do we have your transcript? 
    • Check your transfer work online.
      • Select the Bannerweb link
      • Select the student services link
      • Select the student records link
      • Select the academic transcript links
    • If your transfer work is not recorded, we do not have the final transcript.  Contact your previous institution and request that your transcript be sent to the Registrar’s Office at UIW.

  • Do the courses you need require signatures? 
    • Download a "Registration Over-ride Approval Request" form here or from the Registrar’s Office web page (forms link).
    • Get the instructor’s signature in writing on the registration form.
    • Get the dean's signature (dean of the discipline for the course) if the course is closed or if you do not have the pre-requisite to enroll in the course.  
    • Bring the signed form to the Registrar’s Office before Advising Day.

Access the online registration system here!

If you are attempting to drop ALL of your courses, you must withdraw from the university.
You will not be able to drop all of your courses online.

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