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There are several bits of information that we think will help you fully enjoy your Commencement day.

  • Do not bring personal items to the Convocation Center or to the Freeman Coliseum. You cannot take them to the stage and you will not return to your original seat.
  • Guests who wish to take your picture during the ceremony must not block the view of other guests. Security officers monitor our staging areas carefully and will ask your family members to move if they block the view of other guests. Your guests may quickly take your picture but may not stay for an extended period. We recommend that you and your guests stage photo opportunities either before or after the ceremony. Pictures taken by the professional photographer will be available for purchase soon after the ceremony, usually within 24 hours.
  • There is limited parking on the campus near the Convocation Center. Please consider car-pooling.
  • The Convocation Center is a gymnasium used for athletic events and the seating may not be appropriate for the elderly. If your family members are elderly, ask them to arrive early so that they may sit in seats with backs rather than in the bleachers.
  • We cool the Convocation Center drastically before the May Commencement ceremonies begin. We usually cool the building to around 67° which allows us to provide a comfortable setting once we open the doors and the ceremony begins. We encourage your guests to bring a light jacket or wrap if they arrive early.
  • Lost articles? We turn over all articles left by you or your guests to our campus security. You may contact them at 829-6030.

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