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We have attempted to answer some of the more commonly asked questions about your record and graduation in this area.

Am I required to attend the Baccalaureate Mass?

No, you are not required to attend the Mass but we strongly encourage that you do so.

Are grades of D accepted in the Core Curriculum, major/concentration, minor, or support work?

You may make a grade of D in the Core Curriculum unless the course is also used in your major, concentration, or minor or in ENGL 1311 or ENGL 1312.  Some majors require a minimum of a C in College Algebra as well. A minimum GPA of 2.00 is required for graduation and a 2.50 is required for admission into many of the major programs.

Are there special arrangements for students graduating who might have mobility or physical disabilities?

Yes, if you make us aware of your special needs we can accommodate you. Contact us also if you have family members who have physical disabilities.

Are tickets required to attend Commencement?

Yes, tickets are required to attend Commencement. The number of tickets issued each year is dependent upon the number of students graduating.  Because we rely upon you to provide information to us about your plans for graduation, you must respond to our requests for information and return documents or phone calls promptly.

Can I participate in the May Commencement ceremonies if I only lack six hours

No. May Commencement is reserved for students who complete their degrees in May. August degree candidates participate in the December graduation ceremonies regardless of the number of hours needed to complete during the summer.

Can I repeat a UIW course by taking the course at another institution?

UIW courses may not be repeated at another institution.  Transfer work, CLEP, or departmental examination cannot be used to repeat a course recorded at UIW.  The highest grade earned will be used in the calculation of the grade point average.  Courses used to repeat recorded grades must be the exact course (i.e., same course number and title) of the original course for which the repeat is intended.  While other courses may substitute for degree course requirements, they will not remove the original recorded grade from the grade point average calculation.

Can I take a course at another institution during my last semester at UIW?

Of the final 45 semester hours required for your degree, 36 must be completed in residence on the campus of UIW.  You may not take work at another institution during your final semester at UIW without prior approval from the Registrar's Office. Please complete the request to study form online at

How do I get a degree plan?

Students may run an automated degree plan through Degree Works, accessible through their MyWord portal. Doctoral and professional students must meet with their advisors who will prepare the degree plan for them.

Official degree audits are issued when the student applies to graduate.  Students should apply to graduate no more than one year prior to the anticipated date of graduation.  If you are in your final year of enrollment, you should visit with your advisor. We send graduation packets to students (through Blackboard) when they are nearing the completing their degree.

How do I order a duplicate diploma?

You complete the diploma replacement form and send it with your payment to the Registrar's Office.

How many hours are required for a degree?

The hours required for a degree differ based upon the level of your program (associate, bachelors, masters, or doctorate) and your specific degree.  Refer to the general requirements link for requirements for your program.  

How can I find out how many hours I have completed?

You may view your unofficial transcript on-line via the web to review your cumulative statistics.  The hours you have earned through your enrollment at UIW and those that transferred and have been evaluated are available on-line.  You may view the your evaluated work on-line on the secure link at Bannerweb.

How do I know if I have honors?

Honors announced during the Commencement Ceremonies are anticipated honors based upon grades earned through the last completed semester (or Fall/Spring Term I for ADCaP, Online, or graduate students).  The honors posted on the transcript, as part of the student's official record, are based upon all grades earned at the University of the Incarnate Word through the final semester.  The posted honors may differ from the announced honors.  Undergraduate students who complete bachelor's degree requirements and have earned a minimum of 45 semester hours at the University (excluding pass/fail courses), are eligible to graduate with honors.  The level of honors will be determined by the grade point average achieved in all college-level semester hours attempted, to include transfer work.  For the distinction Cum Laude, the student must have a 3.5 cumulative (overall) average.  To graduate Magna Cum Laude and Summa Cum Laude, the student must maintain averages of 3.7 and 3.9 respectively.  Graduate students who complete their programs with a 4.0 average graduate with distinction.  Doctoral students are not awarded honors. You may view your cumulative (overall) GPA on-line on the secure link at Bannerweb.

How do I know what courses transferred and if they count toward a degree?

You may view the evaluated courses on-line using your PIN in the secure log-in area at Bannerweb.  Courses equivalent to courses offered at UIW will show the UIW equivalent courses.

How long do I have to complete a grade of IP?

Undergraduates must complete their work for which an IP grade was recorded within six months.  Graduate students must complete their work within one year.  Students who have applied to graduate must complete the IP course work by the last day to add or register for the semester during which they plan to graduate. IP grades convert to an F if not completed by the deadline.

How long does it take to receive a degree audit once I apply to graduate?

It takes approximately three to four weeks to receive the degree audit once you apply to graduate if you apply according to the deadline on the application.  After you receive your audit, you and your advisor will need to work through any deficiencies noted by the deadline indicated on the audit. 

How long does it take to receive my diploma?

It takes approximately six to eight weeks after Commencement to receive your diploma. Our diplomas are printed by a vendor that specializes in printing on specialty diploma stock. Diplomas are sent directly to the student from the vendor. Students will receive an email from the vendor when the diplomas ship.

How will my transfer work be counted?

A course that is completed with a grade of D- or higher and would normally considered part of a bachelor’s degree program will be accepted in transfer.  Grades for all courses that are normally considered part of a bachelor’s degree program, regardless of whether or not they transfer, will be used to determine the transfer grade point average.  The cumulative GPA is based upon all hours attempted, regardless of the grade earned, and to include both transfer and UIW credits. Graduate students may receive transfer credit based upon an evaluation of their work by their graduate advisors.

If I do not graduate as I indicated on my application, do I need to reapply.

If you notify the Registrar's Office to change your graduation date before Commencement is held, you need not reapply.

Is there an August Commencement ceremony?

No, we do not hold an August Commencement ceremony. August candidates participate in the December Commencement ceremony.

May I participate in Commencement if I have a "hold" on my record?

No, you may not participate in Commencement if there is a hold on your record.

What are advanced hours?

Advanced hours are those courses that are considered junior or senior at UIW.  The first number of the UIW course determines whether or not the course is considered advanced.  At UIW, number that starts with a "3 or 4" is considered advanced.  All undergraduate degrees require 36 advanced hours.  In no instance will a course taken at a junior/community/two-year college satisfy the advanced level requirement.  While a course taken at a junior/community/two-year college may satisfy the degree requirements, thus substituting for the advanced course, it will not be used in the calculation of the required advanced hours.

What happens if I fail a required class during my final semester?

You don't graduate.

What is the Community Service requirement?

The first Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word who came to San Antonio to minister to the sick and the poor were motivated by the Love of God and their recognition of God's presence in each person.  It is in this spirit that the Community Service requirement was created and each student for the undergraduate degree is required to serve others.  Students are encouraged to discuss with their advisors, early in their university experience, the options for fulfilling the Community Service requirement and the method of documenting their service. The service hours completed must by documented through OrgSynci/Cardinal Sync by the first week of the student's final semester. For information on how to submit your community service hours, please contact the Ettling Center for Civic Leadership or click here.

What is the Senior Salute program?

The Senior Salute program is our way of bringing together all of the services you need to attend the Commencement ceremonies. At Senior Salute, you will be able to order your cap and gown, your class ring, and your invitations.

When is Commencement rehearsal?

We do not hold a rehearsal for Commencement. Instead, we provide information about Commencement in a Commencement Handbook during the Graduation Finale, usually held the week before Commencement. During the Finale, we distribute your Commencement tickets and caps and gowns as well as information from the Career Services Office, the Alumni Association, and the Office of Graduate Studies and Research. We also distribute printed instructions and information about the Commencement ceremonies.   Representatives from other offices are also available to assist as you complete the final requirements to participate in the ceremony.  You may also want to stop by the campus bookstore to buy your official UIW alumni merchandise.  This is a come-and-go event with no scheduled program.

When is the last day to apply to graduate?

The last day to apply is Friday of the first week of the semester during which you will complete the courses for your degree. Refer to the academic calendar for specific dates. Although we may accept your application to graduate after the posted deadline, we cannot guarantee that you will receive tickets for your family to attend the ceremonies. Seating in the auditorium is limited and ticket distribution is determined early based upon those applications we receive by the deadline. Additionally, because of printing deadlines imposed by our printing vendors, we may not be able to list your name in the program. Late fees apply for all applications received after the posted deadline.

When is the last day to complete the requirements for my degree?

All work for your degree must be completed by the last day of the term in which you are enrolled for the courses that are required for your degree.

When should I apply to graduate?

Undergraduates should apply to graduate when they have accumulated 80 semester hours.  Graduate and doctoral students should apply one year before their intended date of graduation.  When you are within a year of graduating, you will receive notification from the Registrar's Office instructing you on the process.

Where can I find the requirements for my degree?

The requirements for your degree are listed in the Academic Advisement Handbook (distributed from the Office of Undergraduate Academic Advisement), the Graduate Office, your academic advisor, or the University catalog. 

Where do I get graduation invitations?

You may purchase your invitations through the UIW Bookstore. Senior Salute is held for this purpose.

Where is the Commencement ceremony held? Why doesn't UIW hold Commencement somewhere else?

Commencement ceremonies are held in the Convocation Center and at the Freeman Coliseum.

Will a grade of D transfer?

Grades of D wil transfer; however, these grades will not apply toward courses required for the major, minor, concentration, specializations, teaching fields, support work, or ENGL 1311, 1312, or College Algebra. If courses in the Core are also used by the program requirements, a minimum grade of C is required.  This policy applies for new students transferring to UIW and to UIW students who take classes at other institutions after matriculating at UIW.

Why doesn't Academic Literacy or ESL courses count toward my degree?

Courses that apply toward a degree must be college level.  Academic Literacy and ESL courses are valuable courses because they prepare students for the rigors of college level work.  The courses do count toward the hours earned; however, do not satisfy the hours required for graduation. 



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