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Application Process

Graduation is a significant period in your life and the life of the University and we want to make this a most enjoyable event in your educational career.  To help you through the final stages to obtain your degree, we prepare a graduation packet that contains all of the information you need to apply to graduate and provide that packet to you by Cardinal email.  Your final semesters are pretty intensive and there will be many details that you could potentially overlook.  The graduation packet helps you work through those details and will help make Commencement much easier and more enjoyable.

We email your graduation packet to you and your academic advisor who will help you determine your eligibility to graduate and will help you to select the appropriate graduation date.   Contained within the packet are the application to graduate and the deadlines associated with the graduation dates for the next academic year, as well as your degree plan and your transcript. You will receive a letter from the Registrar's Office instructing you to make an appointment with your advisor to review your degree plan, your transcript, and the checklist for graduation.  Once you and your advisor have determined the conferral period during which you will graduate, you and your advisor complete the application for graduation and return it to the Registrar’s Office.  All required documentation must be turned in with the application or your application will be returned to you.   

Please pay attention to the detail and all deadlines required in this process.  Doing so early in the process will enhance your Commencement experience and ease frustrations greatly.  Please carefully read the deadlines for turning in all documents and the application for graduation.  Not meeting these deadlines will affect the number of tickets you receive for the Commencement ceremonies and will result in late fees.

Once we receive your application for graduation, you will receive an audit letter from us that will provide you with information you need pertaining to graduation. We will correspond with you only through the UIW email.  It is important that you regularly check your UIW email (the Cardinal Mail link) as we may request information from you that we need to prepare you for Commencement and we will provide information about your graduation.  We also ask that you keep your address with the University updated at all times and that you let us know when you change your address.  This is particularly important during your final semester when we use a database separate from the University database to manage your progression to the degree.

Check our graduation link on the web page ( frequently for information and updates related to Commencement. We are adding a page specifically for graduation to provide you direct access to forms and information about Commencement.  If you have questions about your degree requirements, please consult with your advisor.  If you have questions about the Commencement ceremonies, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

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