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This partnership between Presa Community Center and UIW was funded by a grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development through the Office of University Partnerships as a Hispanic Serving Institutions Assisting Communities grant (HSIAC). The grant funded the construction of a 4000 square foot "Learning and Technology Center" on the property of the Presa Community Center in South San Antonio. Other funding helped to develop programs in tutoring/mentoring, parent training, micro-business development, computer literacy training, and psychological testing.

Presa Community Center

3721 S. Presa
San Antonio, TX 78210


The partnership encompasses three dimensions:

1. Construction of Multipurpose Learning Facility at the Presa Community Center.

2. Expansion of economic development and revitalization through UIW's partnership with Presa Real, a grass-roots Community Development Corporation dedicated to economic revitalization in the South Presa District, and

3. Implementation of UIW's demonstrated commitment to service learning pedagogies.


Elected officials, grantors, donors, and community residents were present.

Ron Segovia (City Council Member) speaks to Open House guests while Ray Foley, Presa Community Center Executive Director, looks on.

Robert Sosa, UIW Director of Foundations, Corporate and Governmental Relations, speaks to guests.

Many were on-hand during the Open House on June 2nd, including Doug Keel, Board President of Presa Community Center (right foreground).

Presa Community Center

(Presa Community Center seen from the corner of Uvalde and South Presa Street).

General Purpose

The Presa Community Center offers a community-based program that assists the elderly and school-age children with a variety of social problems. They provide food, daily activities, after-school care, and several other important means of support. The purpose of the children's program is to provide supervised after-school care, as well as a summer program. The center provides meals, activities, mentoring, and tutoring for all children to take part in, free of charge.

Presa Community Center

(View of the main entrance of Presa Community Center from South Presa Street).

Presa Community Center Staff

Stephanie Smith: President

Francis Martin: Vice President

Grant Partners (2002-2005)

University of the Incarnate Word

Dept. of Housing and Urban Development

Presa Community Center

Presa Real

New Frontiers Charter School

New Frontiers Charter School

New Frontiers Charter School

(New Frontiers Charter School is located on Fair and Presa Street).

Background Information on Purpose of the Grant

-The academic and economic conditions in the South Presa area of San Antonio are below city, state, and national averages.
- Parental educational level directly impacts their children's educational achievement.
- Economic conditions often reflect the educational levels of the area. 


Based on the scholarship of the grant, several conferences presentations have taken place highlighting the work of the grant.

UIW Psychology Fall Symposium, November 2002, San Antonio, Texas.

UIW Psychology Fall Symposium, October 2003, San Antonio, Texas.

National HUD HSIAC Directors Meeting, Office of University Partnerships, December 2002, San Antonio, Texas, and January 2003, Washington, DC.

National Conference of Undergraduate Research, February 2002, Salt Lake City

Utah McNair Rocky Mountain Conference, March 2002, Denver, Colorado.

National Conference of Psychologist for Social Responsibility, May 2005, Lewis & Clark University, Portland, Oregon 

Official Groundbreaking July 9, 2002


From L to R: Elva Garica (HUD representative), Ms. Coiner (Charity Ball), Ms. Orsinger (Orsinger Foundation), Frances Martin (Presa Real Director), Dr. Silvia Reyna (San Antonio ISD), Toni Morehouse (San Antonio City Councilwoman), Dr. Louis Agnese (President, UIW), and Doug Kiel (Presa Board President)

UIW HUD HSIAC Psychology Interns Summer 2003

Psychology Interns

From L to R: Blake Hornsby, Ysenia Guerra, Angelique Engelhardt, Suyen Shneegans, and Misty Vontur.

UIW HUD HSIAC Psychology Interns Summer 2005


From L to R: Julia Conrath, Megan Tope, Taniea Bitz, & Rocio Meza

UIW HUD HSIAC Psychology Interns 2007-2008


From L to R: Kenny Zolezzi, Delia Ibanez, Brandy Beheler, & Ashley Galindo