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2017 Presidential Teaching Award Nominees

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Congratulations to the faculty who were nominated for the Presidential Teaching Award! Below you will find the names of the 2017 nominees. Click on the link labeled “philosophy” to read their inspiring statements. UIW faculty are the best!

Name Discipline Philosophy
 Dr. Diana Allison  Interior Design Philosophy
 Dr. Russell Attridge  Pharmacy Practice Philosophy
 Dr. Joleen Beltrami   Mathematics Philosophy
 Dr. Stefanie Boswell   Psychology Philosophy
 Dr. Nathaniel Brown  Physical Therapy Philosophy
 Dr. Jennifer Browne  Nursing Philosophy
 Dr. Holly Cassells  Nursing Philosophy
 Dr. Kimberly Cauthon  Pharmacy Practice Philosophy
 Dr. Julian Davis  Chemistry Philosophy
 Dr. Jean Dols  Nursing Philosophy
 Dr. Christopher Edelman  Philosophy Philosophy
 Dr. Reid Fisher  Athletic Training & Rehabilitative Science Philosophy
 Dr. Bradi Frei  Pharmacy Practice Philosophy
 Dr. Michael Frye  Engineering Philosophy
 Dr. Irene Gilliland  Nursing Philosophy
 Dr. Jaime Gonzalez  Physical Therapy Philosophy
 Dr. Helmut Gottlieb  Pharmaceutical Sciences  Philosophy
 Dr. Danielle Gunter   Nursing Philosophy
 Dr. Cynthia Heiss  Nutrition Philosophy
 Dr. Christina Hernandez  Nursing Philosophy
 Dr. Bethany Kalich  Pharmacy Practice Philosophy
 Dr. Jennifer Kish  Physical Therapy Philosophy
 Dr. Lila LaGrange  Pharmaceutical Sciences Philosophy
 Dr. William Linn  Pharmacy Practice Philosophy
 Dr. Kathleen Lusk   Pharmacy Practice Philosophy
 Dr. Theresa Martines  Mathematics Philosophy
 Dr. Elda Martinez  Teacher Education Philosophy
 Dr. Leslie Martinez  Psychology Philosophy
 Ms. Elizabeth Mathews  Composition Philosophy
 Dr. Michael Moon  Nursing Philosophy
 Dr. Julie Nadeau  Nursing Philosophy
 Dr. Teresa Partridge  Psychology Philosophy
 Dr. Evan Petersen  Physical Therapy Philosophy
 Dr. Cynthia Purcell   Nursing Philosophy
 Dr. Maureen Rauschhuber  Nursing Philosophy
 Dr. Cynthia Richardson  Nursing Philosophy
 Dr. Donald Sikazwe  Pharmaceutical Sciences Philosophy
 Dr. Laurie Singel  Nursing Philosophy
 Dr. Tanya Stampfl   English Philosophy
 Dr. Kathleen Tilton   Nursing Philosophy
 Ms. Susan Trevino  Dance Philosophy
 Dr. Rachel Walker  Psychology Philosophy
 Mr. James Waller  Music Industries Philosophy
 Ms. Lee Ann Waltz   Nursing Philosophy
 Dr. Raghunandan Yendapally  Pharmaceutical Sciences Philosophy