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State of the University Address Part III: Institutional Goals for 2005-2006

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The most immediate goal here is the successful completion of the SACS re-accreditation process.  As I said earlier, I’m confident of a positive outcome when SACS takes its formal vote in December.

Speaking of accreditation, another goal we have for this year is to continue the process with the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education (ACPE) of gaining accreditation for the Feik School of Pharmacy (an ACPE review team is scheduled to visit the campus from Oct. 11 to Oct. 13).  We’ll also be working during the year to integrate the School of Pharmacy into the processes of the University.

Another goal includes the implementation of the University’s QEP goal of increasing retention of first-year students from 71 percent to 75 percent over the next five years.

We also want to further refine the policies regarding the acceptance of transfer students in order to become more competitive with other colleges and universities.

Looking ahead to next year, it’s our goal to increase the new, full-time freshmen enrollment at the University to 600 students and transfer students to 300 (both figures do not factor in football).

As for the high schools, we’re looking to increase enrollment at Incarnate Word High School to 570 students and to 460 students at Saint Anthony Catholic High School.


The new Math, Science and Engineering complex will be completed by December, and we’ll hold the official dedication ceremonies in January.

Sometime in the spring semester we’ll break ground for the Feik School of Pharmacy, which will be located at the corner of Hildebrand and Devine (near Incarnate Word High School).  We are aiming to complete the construction of the school by August of next year.

Also in the spring, we’ll be relocating the Villa Rosa ADCaP site to a larger location at Datapoint Drive.  We are going to renovate this location in such a way that in the event the pharmacy building is not ready to be occupied by the time classes begin in the fall of 2006, we’ll be able to temporarily hold pharmacy classes at this location without the learning process being adversely impacted.

A goal that began last year and that we’re carrying over to this year is to continue increasing revenue as well as income sources for the Sky Room and the ICC through greater utilization of both.

And by May, we hope to finish a proposal to finance capital projects in the next few years with a new bond issue.


We currently have students from 47 countries on the campus, the highest number of countries ever represented at UIW.  Our goal for next year is to increase the enrollment of new international students.

Centro Internacional Universitario Miguel Angel-Incarnate Word (CIU), our campus in Mexico City, struggled mightily in its first two years.  However, I’m pleased to report that it looks like things are finally turning around.

We had a three-fold increase in enrollment, from 25 students to 75.  Our larger competitors in the market have even taken notice of our efforts, as some are now copying our advertising initiatives.  Next year’s goal for CIU is to double its enrollment.

During the summer, we conducted the first baccalaureate commencement ceremony at China Incarnate Word (CIW).  We’re currently involved in an effort to have CIW certified by the Chinese government to offer two dual degrees.  Gaining this certification would have a positive impact on the enrollment as students would then be automatically placed at CIW.  Our goal for CIW is to increase enrollment by 200 students next year.
And next March, we will be sponsoring a three-day International Symposium at UIW that will highlight our wide variety of international initiatives to San Antonio.

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