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We believe in a simple price structure that allows a student to take one class or a full course load. We offer pricing benefits such as:

  • No application fee
  • Most books included in tuition**


Per Class Part-time
$450 per class for 1-5 classes per semester

Per Class Full-time
Full-time enrollment tuition allows a discount for taking between 6-12 classes per semester.

$425 per class for 6-12 classes per semester.

Cost Per Class Classes Per Semester Credits Per Semester
$450 1 - 5 .5 - 2.5
$425 6 - 10 3 - 5

Each class is taught in a 16-week semester
Each class earns .5 credit per semester


Dual Credit Courses
$450 per course*

*First-time enrollments must pay a one-time University records fee of $40.


Multiple Child Discount
If multiple students from one family are enrolled per semester, the student with the greatest number of classes pays full price. All other students in the family receive a 10% discount off of their tuition rate (per class or banded rates). Discount not applicable to Summer terms or dual credit courses.


Military Family Discount

Students from a family with an active duty military parent receive a 20% discount off of regular tuition rates for each student. Discount not applicable to Summer terms or dual credit courses.


Payment Options

UIW Prep offers two payment options through the FACTS online system:

Full Payment: Part-time students enrolled in only one course and full-time students enrolled in multiple courses may pay in full. This option requires an one-time per academic year enrollment fee of $50.

Payment Plan: Part-time students enrolled in more than two courses and full-time students enrolled in multiple courses may elect to pay in installments. This option requires an one-time per academic year enrollment fee of $50.

For more information about our payment options, please contact our Business Office.


Course Withdrawal / Refund Schedule

Time of Course Drop / Withdrawal* % of Tuition Refundable at Time of Course Drop / Withdrawal
Before the 1st day of class 100%
Weeks 1 - 2 50%
Weeks 3 - 16 0%

There is a $50 fee per course drop.

**AP Courses may require the purchase of textbooks and lab kits. There is a fee to take the AP exam.