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General Policies and Procedures

Q. What are the general course expectations?

While this is a very convenient way to pursue your education, there are some expectations that you need to know. All students are required to "be online" four out of seven days a week. Since this is not a correspondence program, discussion is a natural and expected part of each class. What makes this so convenient is that YOU get to pick the best time for you to interact. You can elect to do your work in the early morning, during the day or late at night. Interaction with professors and other students  is a requirement of the program and may be conducted through a variety of ways including email, discussion boards and phone calls.

Q. Please explain the Community Service requirement?

All UIW Prep students are expected to take part in our mission of social justice by doing Community Service. In order to graduate, students are required to provide 25 hours of community service each academic year.  Community service is defined as volunteer work for an established organization or group, normally identified as non-profit or not-for-profit.  Examples would be working with a church group, taking part in ecological activities, being a mentor, working with the Boy or Girl Scouts. There are a wide variety of things that you can do to satisfy this requirement. You need to talk with your advisor if you have any questions about what may or may not apply. 
Q. How can I obtain a transcript?

Students may obtain a transcript of their academic record by contacting UIW Prep. Transcripts will be released only after clearance is received from the Business Office. The first transcript is free, subsequent transcripts are $2.00 each. Transcripts will not be released to a third party without written permission of the student. Transcripts will not be issued to students who have not met all obligations to the University. Three working days should be allowed for the processing of the request.  

Q. Incompletes and Extensions

UIW Prep may grant you an incomplete and allow an extension due to exceptional circumstances, however, you must be making successful progress at the time you request the extension.  If work is not done in the agreed upon time frame, your grade will automatically become a grade of F.

Q. How do I receive my final course grades?

At the end of your course, your teachers will require about a week to process and submit grades. Upon submission to the UIW Prep staff a end-of-semester report card will be prepared and sent to the students parent or guardian. You will be able to see you grades in the Learning Management Software at any time.

Q. Is there any special software or computer that I need to be successful?

You need to have a computer, web browser, email address and a reliable Internet connection. Our digital curriculum and learning management system also require that you have a current version of Java, Flash and Adobe Reader to utilize all aspects of the application. You can be successful in this program if you have Microsoft Office Professional and the ability to view the learning curriculum modules. Current video players, such as Flash or Java, that can be downloaded for free may be necessary for the curriculum modules.

Language courses require that students have a microphone. All courses require students to hear audio either through headphones or speakers.

Most math and science courses will require a scientific/graphing calculator such as a TI-83 or TI-84. Some science courses may require the purchase of a lab kit. Most core and honors courses do not require texts. If a text or lab manual is required for a core or honors course it will be provided at no additional fee.

Q. How many classes can I take each term?

Students can take one or more classes each sixteen-week term.  An appropriate course load of classes will depend on each individual's learning style.  To complete our 26-credit program in three years, a student should plan on up to 18 classes in an academic year and take classes three semesters per year; fall, spring and summer.  Most classes are .5 credit per semester.

Q. Withdrawals and Refunds

Withdrawals from a course in the UIW Prep programs is the responsibility of the student's guardian/parent.  Instructors do not withdraw students, but the school may withdraw a student for non-participation.

Classes may be dropped with a 100% refund within the first fourteen (14) days each semester.

Sixteen-week classes dropped between days fifteen (15) and twenty-eight (28) will be refunded at 50%. After the twenty-eighth day, full tuition per class is applicable.  Each class dropped after the first day of the semester will also incur a $50 processing fee. Four-week summer school and eight-week dual credit courses have different withdrawal and refund policies.

Students considering dropping a course should contact their advisor to determine the impact on their satisfactory progress, their aid status and their anticipated graduation date.

Q. What is the procedure taken in cases of academic dishonesty or grade disputes?

In the event that academic dishonesty takes place, the final decision for disposition lies with the Dean of the Preparatory Programs. The same is true in questions of grading. The student can put his/her response in writing and the dean is responsible for making the final decision.