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Our high school preparatory program embraces a curriculum that prepare students online for a successful college experience. The college preparatory curriculum is an interactive online program with core, honors, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.  Dual credit courses provide students with the opportunity to finish with up to 30 credit hours, or almost a full year of college.  All courses are taught by certified and/or university-credentialed faculty who work one-on-one with students through email, discussion boards or phone calls.  With a 26-credit honors program, you can be sure you are getting a quality education utilizing online technology with the unique advantages offered by a University of the Incarnate Word school. 


Download our full list of course offerings for 2016-2017 here.

Graduation Requirements 

Subject Courses

English Language Arts

4.0 credits

(09) English I or English I Pre-AP
(10) English II or English II Pre-AP
(11) English III, English III Honors or AP English Language
(12) English IV, English IV Honors or AP English Literature
Dual credit: ENGL 1311 and 1312

Fine Arts

1.0 credit

Art Appreciation
Music Appreciation

Foreign Language

3.0 credits

(09) Spanish I or Spanish I Pre-AP
(10) Spanish II or Spanish II Pre-AP
(11) Spanish III
(12) AP Spanish Language


4.0 credits

(09)  Algebra I or Algebra I Honors
(10) Geometry or Geometry Honors
(11) Algebra II or Algebra II Honors
(12) Precalculus or Precalculus Honors, AP Calculus AB, AP Statistics, Probability and Statistics
Dual credit: MATH 1301

Physical Education

1.0 credit

Physical Education


2.0 credits

Religion I (under development)
Religion II (under development)
Dual credit: 1300-level courses


4.0 credits

(09) Biology or Biology Pre-AP
(10) Chemistry or Chemistry Pre-AP
(11) Physics or Physics Honors
(12) Earth Science, Earth Science Honors, or AP Chemistry

Social Studies

4.0 credits

(09) World Geography
(10) World History or World History Pre-AP
(11) US History, US History Honors, or US History AP
(12) Government, Government Honors, or US Government and Politics AP
(12) Economics or Economics Honors
Microeconomics AP or Macroeconomics AP
Dual credit: HIST 1321, HIST 1322, ECON 2301, ECON 2302, GOVT 1315*

*Part of the Dual Credit Study Abroad Program only


0.5 credit

Speech Communications


2.5 credits

Career and College Prep I
Career and College Prep II
Creative Writing
Business & Computer Applications
Information Technology
Principles of Technology Applications
Introduction to Business & Marketing
Intermediate Business & Marketing
Media Literacy
Multicultural Studies
Psychology, Psychology AP
Introduction to Health Science
Intermediate Health Science
Principles of Health Science
Dual credit: Courses vary by availability

26 Total Credits for a UIW Online Prep Diploma

Community Service Requirement

To graduate from UIW Prep, diploma-seeking students must complete 25 hours of community service per year if they are enrolled as a full-time student for at least two terms. While students may complete more hours, they must complete at least 25 hours for each year they are enrolled.