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DEAN: Dr. Mary Hoke

  • Nursing education

Dr. Jennifer Cook, RN, assistant professor of nursing

  • Medical surgical nursing
  • Nursing management and leadership
  • Healthcare politics

Dr. Irene Gilliland, RN, instructor of nursing

  • Palliative core
  • Hospice
  • Aromatherapy
  • Study abroad

Michael Moon, MSN, RN, instructor of nursing

  • Emergency nursing
  • Critical care nursing

Dr. Julie Nadeau, instructor of nursing

  • Breastfeeding
  • Early discharge following childbirth

Dr. Eula Pines, associate professor of nursing

  • Mental health nursing
  • Coping with chronic illness

Dr. Monica Ramirez, RN, assistant professor of nursing

  • Medical surgery

Cynthia Richardson, MSN, RN, instructor of nursing

  • Army nursing
  • Volunteering for chapels
  • Support groups

Dr. Sarah Williams, associate professor of nursing

  • Nursing education
Medical Technology

Norma Green, director of nuclear medicine

  • Nuclear medicine technology
Human Performance

Heather Barton-Weston, instructor of human performance

  • Health and Wellness
  • Individual participation to health and wellness
  • Motivational constructs and barriers to participation in different aspects of health and wellness
  • Difference between health and wellness
  • Health education
  • Health interventions
  • Employee wellness

Dr. William Carleton, professor of human performance

  • Motor development for children
  • Wellness and physical fitness
  • Physical education
  • Active lifestyle

Dr. Tim Henrich, professor of kinesiology and sports management

  • Exercise physiology
  • International education
  • Biomechanics

Dr. Gregory J. Soukup Sr., associate professor of kinesiology

  • Obesity
  • Exercise motivation
  • Sport
  • Physical education
Athletic Training / Sports Medicine

Shandra Esparza, assistant professor of athletic training education

  • Sports medicine
  • Rehabilitation

Dr. Randall Griffiths, assistant professor sport management

  • Volunteerism
  • Youth Sport
  • Sport Development

Brad Robinson, MS, ATC, LAT, director of athletic training education

  • Athletic training education
  • Sports medicine

Sports (see separate Athletics section)

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