Public Relations



DEAN: Dr. Carlos Garcia

ASSISTANT DEAN: Dr. Zhanbo Yang, professor of mathematics

  • Topology

Dr. Paul Messina, assistant professor of mathematics

  • Military affairs
  • Leadership

Dr. Theresa Martines, assistant professor of mathematics

  • Texas Section Meeting of the Mathematical Association of America
  • Sonia Kovalevsky Middle School Mathematics Day
  • Gulf States Math Alliance
  • Math Club

Dr. Alakananda Ray Chaudhuri, associate professor of chemistry

  • Analytical chemistry
  • Chemistry education

Dr. Julian Davis, assistant professor of chemistry

  • Environmental issues
  • Industrial issues
  • Chemical warfare

Dr. Paul David Foglesong, associate professor of biology

  • Microbiology
  • Molecular biology

Dr. Suk Bin Kong, professor of chemistry

  • Medicinal drugs and pesticides
  • Analysis and synthesis
  • Toxic waste
  • Herbal medicine analysis

Dr. Christy MacKinnon, professor of biology

  • Genetics
  • Science education

Dr. Veronica G. Martinez Acosta, assistant professor of biology

  • Developmental biology
  • Nervous system development
  • Regeneration
  • Stem cell biology

Dr. Brian McBurnett, associate professor of chemistry

  • Inorganic chemistry
  • The Science of Tea

Dr. Sreerenjini C. Nair, assistant professor of physics (Malayalam)

  • Physics
  • Modern Science

Dr. Sara Tallarovic, assistant professor of biology

  • Physiology and neurology
  • Scorpions and electric fish

Dr. William Thomann, professor of environmental science

  • Geology and geophysics
  • Environmental geology
  • Hydrology

Dr. Michael Frye, assistant professor of engineering

  • Autonomous control
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Engineering management
  • Autonomous Vehicle Systems (AVS) Lab
Daniel Potter, Solar House manager
  • Solar House
  • Sustainability
  • Big Belly waste and recycling station

Dr. Alison Whittemore, professor of engineering

  • Civic engineering
  • AutoCad drafting
  • Federal and state trade resources

Dr. Joseph Bonilla, associate professor of nutrition

  • Food and nutrition in disease
  • Hunger and food safety

Dr. Beth Senne-Duff, associate professor of nutrition

  • Obesity
  • Diets
  • General and child nutrition
  • Nutrition supplements

Dr. Neeta Singh, associate professor of nutrition

  • Nutrition and management
  • Computer science
  • International nutrition issues

Gerald Mulvey, meteorology instructor

  • Meteorology
  • Remote Sensing
  • Weather Modification
  • Climate Change
  • Satellite Meteorology

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