Public Relations



DEAN: Dr. Sharon Welkey


Basil Aivaliotis, director of public library services

• Library matters
• Business, history and religion
• Foreign languages

Computer Graphic Arts

Danielle Fagan, instructor of computer graphics arts
• Design
• Print, exhibit and publication design
• Visual communication
• Exhibit and environmental graphics

Michael Clayton, associate professor of computer graphic arts
• Web design
• Interactive design

Robert E. Johnson, instructor of computer graphic arts
• Graphic design
• Brand management

Computer Information Systems

Phillip Youngblood, instructor of computer information systems
• Computers and society
• Distance education
• Multiuser virtual environments, Second Life
• Cyberspace security


Dora Fitzgerald, instructor of communication arts
• Film content and culture
• Print and broadcast journalism
• Video production
• Screenwriting

Dr. Valerie Greenberg, associate professor of communication arts
• Media ethics
• Ethics of women’s portrayal in the media
• New information society

Hank McDonnell, instructor of communication arts; chair; KUIW and UIWTV adviser
• Video and audio productions
• New media technology

Michael Mercer, instructor of communication arts; Logos student newspaper adviser
• Journalism
• Diversity of media
• Media ethics
• Mainstreaming coverage

Fashion Merchandising / Interior Design

Dr. Melinda Adams, assistant professor of fashion management
• Textile art
• Wearable art

Judy Broughton, associate professor of interior design
• Interior design
• Interior color and materials
• Design for the handicapped and aging
• History of architecture and furniture design
• World religion

Dr. Carla Anderson Perez, associate professor of fashion management
• Pattern making
• Computer-aided design and manufacturing for apparel

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