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Dr. Marcos Oliviera wins Mission Continues Faculty Award

FSOP Professor Receives Prestigious UIW Award

One of FSOP’s own was honored at the 2018 Faculty Award Reception on Monday, January 8th.  The annual event is sponsored by the offices of the Provost and Mission and Ministry, and the Faculty Senate.  The morning reception was held in the Rosenberg Sky Room in the McCombs Center on main campus.

Among the awards presented were the five prestigious Mission Continues Faculty Awards.  These awards are reflective of the tenets of the university (Innovation, Truth, Education, Service and Faith) and named for five CCVI sisters important to the heritage of the university and reflective of that tenet.

Dr. Marcos Oliveira, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Coordinator for Pharmacy Latin American Activities, was chosen to receive the Sr. Columkille Colbert Award for Service.  This honor is awarded to a faculty member who embraces a global perspective and emphasizes social justice.

Dr. Marcos Oliviera

The text of his nomination follows:

It is my pleasure to nominate Dr. Marcos Oliveira from the Feik School of Pharmacy for the Mission Continues Award for Service.

Marcos is our Coordinator for Pharmacy Latin American Activities and a Professor at FSOP, and when you get the chance to talk to him, he won’t be able to hold in his passion for our students and their ability to change the world.

He was the creator and chief cheerleader of our collaborations with Brazil that have sent dozens of students on 6-week experiences with a pharmaceutical company and pharmacy school in Brazil.  Talking to students that have participated, it is truly a wonderful experience that enhances the whole person of our future Cardinal pharmacists.  Recently, he has organized teams of pharmacy students to compete in the Mission Life competition that includes students from Brazil and the United States.  He works with students to encourage them as they develop projects that transcend pharmacy and serve our global community.  As a reviewer of these projects last year, I was able to see how his inspiration helped students innovate and work on solutions to problems that have potential to have a positive effect on all of our lives.

These are only a few examples of how his passion for global innovation and international education create a whirlwind of excitement and opportunities for our students.

He is an excellent candidate for the Mission Continues Award for Service, and we are so thankful to have a faculty member with his passion at the FSOP.


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