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Teaching Certificate

The overall goal of the teaching certificate program is to introduce residents to the elements of effective teaching and allow the resident to select a pedagogical approach that fits her/his teaching philosophy. The University of the Incarnate Word Feik School of Pharmacy's teaching certificate program adheres to national guidelines for such programs through requirement of a self-reflective teaching philosophy, assignment of a teaching mentor, interactive seminars on core pedagogy topics, participation in a variety of teaching activities, and clear criteria for achievement of the previous guidelines.

In order to earn a teaching certificate, the resident must document:
• Active participation in 12 seminars on effective teaching during the 1st and 2nd year of residency
• Facilitate 20 small group labs in the Applied Pharmacy Care courses or Pharmacotherapy Conference.
• At least 3 hours of faculty-mentored didactic teaching during the 2nd year of residency
• Submission of a teaching portfolio for review prior to completion of the 2nd year of residency

There are five required components of the pharmacy resident's teaching portfolio:
• A teaching philosophy
• Teaching goals
• Documentation of teaching experience
• Teaching reflections
• Appendix of teaching materials

Teaching certificate seminars include the following topics:
• Student integrity and civility
• Introduction to teaching strategies and learning styles
• Learning objectives and domains of learning
• Dealing with student feedback
• Assessing student learning
• Creating a syllabus
• Experiential education
• Active learning strategies in large classrooms
• Collaborative learning
• Teaching philosophy: a reflective card-sort exercise
• Creating a teaching portfolio