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Mission Life Competition 2018

Finals at University of Incarnate Word

International Entrepreneur Competition
Mission Life VII
  Immigration in the 21st Century
Finals at University of Incarnate Word, November 12 2018

Mission Life 2018

  •  Abstract Submission

    Abstract submission for Mission Life International Competition:

    Teams from three to four students develop a concept that addresses a global need for improving health or life at our planet earth.

    Abstract Submission (by September 7, 2018): A five minute video and/or paper with the following information

    • Title (the title should reflect the content and emphasis of the project/research described (maximum of 30 words, in bold type)
    • Author Names
    • Main Body: An abstract is a brief, concise summarizing statement of the work, no longer than 250 words in length. It gives the reader a summary of the problem, method, results and conclusions of your work. To ensure quality, it is recommended that your abstract is reviewed by your faculty mentor. The body of the abstract should include the following elements:
    • Problem: Describe the problem or question that is the subject of the project and the importance of this issue

    You can use this template to submit your template

    Abstract or video should be e-mailed to Dr. Bellanger and Dr. Gonzalez on or before September 7th, 2018

  •  Abstract Evaluation


    Clarity of the abstract

    • Does the abstract provide all of the information needed by Mission Life in order to understand it?
    • Is it concise and to the point?

    Quality and creative work: “See a need fill a need”

    • Is the work that is undertaken relevant to the current state of knowledge in the field?
    • Is it a potentially important contribution?
    • Is the work of interest to a general audience?

    Creativity and originality:

    • Is the work novel?

    Once abstract is approved students will work on a full proposal to be submitted by October 19, 2018

  • Mission Life International Competition History

    Mission Life is an entrepreneur competition that originated in 2012 at the Pontificia Universidade Catolica Do Parana (PUCPR), which is located in Curitiba in the southern part of Brazil.

    The main goal of the competition is to foster innovative ideas and entrepreneurship that addresses real world problems aka “See a need fill a need”. FSOP Participants may request that participation in this activity be included as Co-curriculum with Dr. Bryant.

    This year's topic is Immigration in the 21st Century. This competition does not only address the issues of the 21st century, but also brings together some of the brightest minds from around the world, which create solutions to the challenges we face today. You can read  about this initiative at the “New Approaches to Refugee Crises in the 21st Century: The Role of the International Community”

    The Feik School of Pharmacy participated in this event for the first time in the fall of 2015.  In 2015 one of the FSOP teams placed in the top three teams; see their proposal here and in the first link below.  In 2016 UIW joined the completion with Kent State University and PUCPR.  At last year’s event a P1 team travelled to Brazil to represent UIW; they placed second overall and also won the people’s choice award.  You can see the group’s proposal here and by following the second link below.

     The FSOP winning team will compete in the finals on November 12, 2018 here at the University of Incarnate Word.

    Link to the 2015 FSOP representative group

    Link to the 2016 FSOP representative group

    Link to the 2017 FSOP representative group

  • Eligibility
    • Pofessional students may participate along with approved partners.
    • If interested in participating, please email the Mission Life Coordinators (bellange@uiwtx.edu or rigonza4@uiwtx.edu) and fill out the form in the application section of this webpage.
    • Participating teams are required to submit a brief abstract outlining their project.
    • All research, scholarly work, or creative activity must be completed in collaboration with a faculty mentor or the Mission Life Coordinator.
    • Address any questions to Dr. Renee Bellanger or Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez
  • Timeline/ Deadlines

    September 7th:  Submit your abstract (document or video) to Dr. Bellanger and Dr. Gonzalez

    October 19th: Teams with approved abstracts should submit their full proposal

    October 31st: Formal team presentations and finalist selection

    November 12th:  Local winning team competes at University of Incarnate Word with other teams