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Pharmaceutical Sciences


Dr. sushma Ramsinghani, Chair of Pharmaceutical SciencesWelcome to the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences! I thank you for your interest and time to learn about our department. The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences’ faculty and staff are committed to providing the highest quality of education and professional experience for our students.      

Biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences are the foundation of pharmacy curriculum. The diverse academic expertise of the faculty allows for the delivery of the curriculum in a comprehensive and scientifically-sound manner (click here to see faculty teaching focus). The faculty uses a variety of teaching and active learning methods that engage students in and outside the classroom. We strive to develop innovative teaching methods and continuously improve ourselves to provide the best possible learning experience for the student. Many of the department faculty members have received honors over the years for their instructional methods.

The faculty members actively pursue research and scholarship through grant-writing, publication and other scholarly activities (click here to see faculty research interests). Pharmacy and non-pharmacy students who have an interest in research are highly encouraged to participate in faculty research projects. The research labs are equipped with high quality instruments and equipment that facilitate research.

The department staff is a great resource for students and faculty (click here for information on staff). Together, the secretary, the lab manager and the research associates provide all the necessary support to keep the department working efficiently for teaching and research activities.

The faculty and staff of our department engage in service activities that benefit our school, university, community and the profession. We embody the mission and vision of the department, school and university (click here to see the mission and vision of the department). We model leadership so that our students will be leaders of tomorrow.

I hope this has provided you with some useful information about the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Thank you for visiting with us! I welcome your questions and comments.

Best wishes, 



Sushma Ramsinghani
Assistant Dean and Chair
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences