Center for International Peace Studies

Center for International Peace Studies

Diwania Group

Evolving from initial work in Mexico in 1991, the Center's Faculty Fellows and Student Scholars have completed work in numerous countries with projects led by dedicated research teams. Social Justice and Policy Exploration have topped the list of studies.

The multimedia presentations reflect ongoing international work. They focus upon our wide-ranging interests in trade, sustainable development, and international relations.

Funding for these projects is supported by the HEB International Peace Program, the Wells Fargo International Peace Program, and by individual contributions from many corporations and individuals who believe in our Mission.

Multimedia Presentations

  • Just a Cup of Coffee—H-E-B Fact-Finding Project in Guatemala - This presentation highlights fact-finding work in Guatemala led by Dr. Pat LeMay Burr prior to class study by a team of five faculty members and ten graduate students. Its focus—social justice and international trade of coffee beans—is reflective of the School’s Mission.
  • La Esperanza de Guatemala - Dr. Annette Craven, with MBA students Erika Valdez and Stephen Borrego, constituted a research team in Guatemala during the Peace Center's field project to study social justice issues in the micro-enterprise world of coffee. This report was produced by the team with English text, and is narrated in Spanish by Erika Valdez.
  • Living the Mission - Now and then, an MBA student has the opportunity to engage in community work that exemplifies the UIW Mission. Jessica Rangel was a team member who helped restore access to food in Houston HEB Stores after Hurricaine Ike. This is her story.
  • Research and Application in France - Dr. Annette Craven conducted research and taught Human Resource Management in Paris, France, at the International School of Management within the five-year MBA Program of the Institut Superieur Europeen Gestion during 2008. These photos and narratives describe her experiences and successes working with two cohorts of French students.
  • Fact-Finding in Israel - Israel's Office of the Foreign Ministry and the World Affairs councils of America invited Dr. Pat LeMay Burr and six colleagues to participate in a fact-finding project in Israel. This report with links to data bases features some of the work completed by the group.
  • Masupa Nzila, Zambia - Dr. Lydia Kualapai, participant in UIW's Fulbright Program in Mexico, also worked, taught, and completed research in Mongu, Zambia under the aegis of The Women's Global Connection. This is her story, presented in 2008 at UIW's Annual Fulbright Symposium.
  • Joseph Kirby's Work at The Gathering in Norway - The HEB International Peace Program sponsored press coverage by Joseph Kirby and Andrew DeeGear in Norway at "the world's largest Lan Party." They covered the event for our campus media and for Website Magazine. This is their story.
  • Tribute to Fulbright Program - One of UIW's recent Group Fulbright Grants included a study of ten cities in Mexico during a one-month period. One Fulbright participant, Dr. Lydia Kualapai, Schreiner University, presented this tribute at UIW's 2008 Annual Fulbright Symposium.
  • A Country in Need and Someone Who Cares - Dr. Michael McGruire has returned to teach and research in El Salvador annually since his 1989 Fulbright work there. This overview describes his successes and view of the work yet to be done there.
  • H-E-B International Peace Program in The European Union - This field work in Paris and Geneva included students and faculty who studied The Seven Revolutions, a research initiative of great significance in international business. The work was directed by Dr. Pat LeMay Burr and Dr. Jeannie Scott.