Insert A Snippet

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    1. To use a snippet, click the Insert Predefined Snippet Content icon on the WYSIWYG toolbar. 
      insert snippet

      WYSIWYG snippet icon

    2. A window titled Snippets should appear. From the Category drop-down, select either the Buttons or UI Elements categories. The other categories are reserved for use on landing page templates and will not render as desired if used on interior pages.
      snippet window

      Snippets Window


      Select a category

    3. Select a snippet to be inserted from the Snippets drop-down. 

      Select a snippet

    4. The selected snippet will be displayed in the Preview window. It may not render as intended at this point, yet.
      snippet preview

      Snippet preview

    5. Click Insert

      Click insert

    6. The snippet can now be modified to meet your needs by using the standard WYSIWYG Editor.
      snippet in wysiwyg

      Snippet in WYSIWYG


    7. Once you've saved your page, you can see a preview of what your snippet looks like.
      Snippet after saving page