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To use the button snippets, select the Buttons category in the Snippets window.
category buttons

When To Use Buttons

Instead of a normal link that looks like this, you have the option to stylize the link as a button. 

Buttons can be used for:

  • downloadable documents
  • links to a calendar or gallery
  • links to an informational/about/bio page
  • links directing to a form

Example 1: Downloadable Document

downloadable document

Example 2: Informational Pages

informational pages

Editing A Button

wysiwyg editor

Go to the button in the WYSIWYG Editor

change text
Change the text in red to the text you want to display in the button.

go to insert/edit link
Highlight the text you entered and click the Insert/Edit Link in the WYSIWYG toolbar.

edit URL
The Insert/Edit Link box should appear on your screen. In the Link URL field, enter the URL you want the button to link to. Once you have entered the URL, click the Insert button.

Once you click Insert, you should be taken back to the WYSIWYG editor. The text you entered should now be in red. Click the Save button in the WYSIWYG toolbar.

preview button
You should see a preview of what the button looks like.

Types of Buttons

Grey Buttons

X-Large Button

Large Button

Small Button

X-Small Button

Regular Button

Colored Buttons

Error Button

Warning Button

Success Button

Secondary Button

Primary Button