Are you having trouble getting your content to look the way you want? Snippets are a great and easy way to stylize and organize content while staying uniform to UIW's design.

Snippets are inserted into a page using the WYSIWYG Editor or the Snippets Gadget, and become a part of the page. Once the snippet is inserted on a page, you can enter your content in the snippet using the WYSIWYG Editor.

Types of Snippets

Two categories of snippets available for use are Buttons and UI Elements. When selecting a Snippet from the category drop-down list, you should only select either Buttons or UI Elements. The other categories listed are not relevant to concerns your site may have. 

snippets category


The Button snippets are used to stylize links. The buttons available range in size and color.

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UI Elements

UI Element snippets format content in an organized and attractive way. Snippets categorized as UI Elements are columns, tables, and image captions.

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Insert a Snippet to your web page

As explained above, you insert a snippet either by clicking on the WYSIWYG toolbar snippet icon, or by using the Gadgets toolbar while editing your page in the WYSIWYG editor. Follow the steps on inserting a snippet in this page on how to proceed.

Preview the Available Snippets

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