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When a user creates pages in the OU Campus system, it will appear on the Pages list view. Users can view, edit, or publish pages from this screen. A page's properties can be accessed either from the Pages list view as well as any view that includes the Page Actions toolbar. The Properties screen includes the following elements:

  • Parameters: Allows users to edit basic metadata information relevant to the currently selected page.
  • Access (Level users 8 and up only): Allows users to edit the permission levels for the page, including who can edit the content.
  • Log: Provides a list view of all actions previously performed on the page.


Parameters allow users to edit basic metadata information relevant to the selected page. Parameters help the OU Campus system identify content, and provides users with several options that dictate how the page is rendered in its final version. When the Parameters screen is selected, the following elements are displayed:

  • Title: Allows users to create a user-friendly name for the page that is used to identify the content in the OU Campus system.
  • Description: Allows users to provide a brief description of the page.
  • Page Heading: Allows users to enter heading to appear at the top (title bar) of the web browser.
  • Breadcrumb: Allows users to enter heading to display in page breadcrumb menu.
  • Layout: Allows users to change the page layout. One-, Two- & Three-column layouts.
  • LDP Gallery: Allows users to select the output type for image gallery assets on the page.
Parameters Dialog
Figure 1. Parameters Dialog

Access Settings

The Access Settings panel contains the Access Group, which defines the user group whose members have permission rights to edit the page. This view is only available to Level 8 and above users.

Access Settings
Figure 2. Access Settings

Log List View

The Log on the Properties screen provides users with a list view of all previous actions performed on the currently selected page. A user can both filter these results, as well as sort them by Action, Date, and User.

Log List View
Figure 3. Log List View