Creating a New Section

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A section is valuable when you have several topics that are related, grouped into one section. Utilizing sections is a great way to manage a site's content effectively and will provide the end user with clues to related content. This is also the ideal approach to managing the length of the sidebar navigation.

Creating a new section in OU Campus is essentially, creating a folder/directory. Once you create your new interior section, OU Campus will automatically include a home page (index.pcf), an department navigation include file (, and properties file (_props.pcf). Do not delete these files at any time, as it will cause your page development process in OU Campus to not function. Get in touch with the UIW Web Team at if you have any questions regarding removal of files on your department sites.

Starting at the top level of your department site in the Pages List view, click the New button (or, the drop-down indicator arrow as mentioned earlier when creating a new page) in the upper right corner of the screen.

new content menu
Figure 1. New Content (interior sections) Menu

There are two options when creating a new interior section:

  1. New Interior Section – includes subdirectories. Use this option ONLY if you think the interior section will need its own images and documents directory. This option would be more ideal if your new interior section will have lots of pages, with images and documents exclusive only to within that new section.
  2. New Interior Section. Use this option if you only plan to have web pages in your section (and use the existing images and documents directories at the top-level of your department site). This is the common option to go with when creating new interior sections.

Once you’ve made your selection, you will be directed to a dialog window that prompts for information related to this section and the landing page (index.pcf) that is automatically created in this section. Note that each field has helper text in italics to explain how this information is used. Be sure to read this, as it will assist in creating a well-tagged section valuable for end users and for search engines.

new section dialog window
Figure 2. New Section Dialog Window

Click the Create button at the bottom of the window when complete.

You have successfully created a section and your first page (index.pcf) in that section. You will next be directed to the new landing page (index.pcf) for your newly created interior section. You can continue with building your content.

new interior section landing page
Figure 3. New Interior Section Landing page

* NOTE: Though the section menu link appears in the side navigation when viewed above, you must publish the department sidebar navigation menu include file ( at the top-level of your department site for it to be visible to the World Wide Web. Also, it is recommended to publish your new section AFTER having created blank pages as placeholders for content to appear in this section.