Upload and Edit Images

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An image can be edited and uploaded from the Upload To dialog within the Pages list view of OU Campus.

upload type
Figure 1. Upload To Dialog Window

Selecting and Uploading the image
  1. From the Pages list view, click the Upload icon.
    Figure 2. Upload
  2. For Upload Type, choose Upload and Edit Image.
  3. Select the image file from the local computer for uploading and editing.
  4. This displays the Edit Image panel with the image.
  5. After utilizing any necessary editing functionality, click Upload to upload the image.
  6. PLEASE NOTE: You will now have to publish your binary file after you upload it.

Editing the Image

The following functionality is available on the Tools menu:

  • Resize
  • Crop
  • Rotate
  • Zoom
  • Undo
  • Redo

The Resize tool includes the ability to specify a new width and height for an image to upload. The original ratio for the dimensions of the width and height for can be kept intact by selecting the Preserver Ratio checkbox.

resize image
Figure 3. Reside Image
Crop (Custom)

The Crop tool can be used to reduce the dimensions of the image by either selecting a ratio or by determining a custom crop size by manipulating the crop box by dragging the crop handles located on the edges of the crop box.

crop image
Figure 4. Crop Image

The Rotate tool rotates the image (edited and unedited) 45 degrees in a clockwise direction with each click.

rotate image
Figure 5. Rotate Image

The Zoom tool can be used to manually enter a percentage of the original image size to be displayed in the Edit Image panel for editing. The plus and minus magnifying glass buttons may also be used to increase or decrease the viewing size.

The Original button reverts the image to the original size.

The Zoom to Fit button resizes the image to fit into the panel for viewing.

Zoom In and Out of Image
Figure 6. Zoom In and Out of Image

The Undo and Redo functionality is available after performing another editing function.