Changing Templates

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There are three templates available: one column, two columns, and three columns. The default and most common template is the two column layout.

one column
One Column
two columns
Two Columns
three columns
Three Columns

How To Change A Template

This tutorial will show you how to switch the type of layout your site uses. It is recommended that you use this method as opposed to deleting and recreating due to the dependency manager. By using this method, you will avoid broken links on your site and other UIW sites that link to your page.

  1. Go to the page you want to change the template of.
  2. Make sure the page is checked out to you (the light bulb will be yellow). Click the Properties button
  3. In Page Parameters, under Custom Settings, go to Layout. The current layout will be parameters
  4. To switch the layout, click the up and down arrow. Select the layout you want from the drop down menu.change layout
  5. Click Save. Then, publish the page.