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All users can view the Dashboard and Content menus.

  • Dashboard: Includes access to each individual inbox and Dashboard gadgets. The Dashboard is the default location when a user is not logging in via a DirectEdit link on a page.
  • Content: The Content menu includes access to the main area for editing pages and assets.
  • Reports: Provides access to administrative-level reporting and content management functionality.
  • Add-Ons: Provides access to additional applications for access through the OU Campus interface.
  • User Avatar or Gravatar, and User Name: The menu provides access for the currently logged-in user’s settings.
menu bar
Figure 1. Menu Bar


The Dashboard includes access to each individual user’s workflow and inbox, and the configurable content area can contain various Dashboard gadgets. These include:

  • My Current Pages (pages checked out to the user)
  • Activity (an activity feed for the site)
  • Inbox
Figure 2. Dashboard


The Content menu is the gateway to the most frequented section of OU Campus as it includes the capability to create and edit content. These include:

  • Pages
  • Assets

Users can navigate the Pages view in order to edit, create, and publish new content. This might also include reviewing changed pages, assigning pages to an approver, and publishing pages.

Figure 3. Content


The Reports menu includes reports about content and content status, such as whether a page is checked in or checked out. Reporting capabilities for OU Campus include required actions, checked out content, recent saves, and recent publishes.

Figure 4. Reports


The Add-Ons menu provides an interface for custom applications and is where the OU Add-Ons applications exists- which is where you manage news, calendars, and staff listings.

User Avatar or Gravatar, and User Name

The top right of every screen shows the currently logged in user, from which the user can access the menu to change their settings or log out. If you would like to change your gravatar - please visit

Figure 5. User