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JustEdit is a new way to edit content in OU Campus that allows users to edit pages without leaving the "Preview" view of the content. Editing a page using JustEdit works the same as using the normal WYSIWYG Editor; clicking on an editable region will bring up the JustEdit toolbar and the region will become available for editing.

Checkout this five-minute training video from OmniUpdate demonstrating an overview of the JustEdit toolbar.

Example of an Editable Region with JustEdit

JustEdit exampleDifferences Between JustEdit Toolbar and WYSIWYG Toolbar

JustEdit toolbarThe JustEdit interface is not just a way to edit pages more quickly; it also comes with a new WYSIWYG toolbar. Most of the functionality present in the previous toolbar remains the same, aside from a new look and feel. Other items have been reworked to deliver an enhanced user experience.

For more information about each item in the JustEdit toolbar, please visit the JustEdit Toolbar page.

Icon Changes and Consolidations

The JustEdit toolbar's new look means that many icons look slightly different. Other icons have undergone a more drastic change and some with similar functionality have been consolidated. The following table gives a breakdown of the more noteworthy changes:

Function Old Icon(s) New Icon(s) Description
Find/Find & Replace old search iconold search  replace icon justedit search Find and Find & Replace have now been
condensed into one icon. Users are able to
perform a simple find or a find and replace
from the same icon in the same tab.
Insert Anchor old anchor icon new anchor icon Simple icon change. Clicking this icon allows
users to insert or edit an anchor where the cursor is currently located.
Paragraph and Styles
drop-down menus
old wysiwyg styles iconold wysiwyg paragraph icon new format iconnew styles icon The Styles and Formats drop-down menus have been re-structured for greater functionality. The new Paragraph drop-down menu contains much of the same functionality as the Format dropdown menu in the old WYSIWYG Editor (headings and other block-level text formats). The new Formats dropdown menu contains a host of functionality, from headings and block-level formats to span-level formats, alignments, and any custom CSS styles called by the template being used.
Show/Hide Guidelines/
Invisible Elements
old wysiwyg visual aid icon new visual aid icon Simple icon change. Clicking this icon adds/
removes the outlines of tables and other
elements that would be invisible otherwise, for
previewing purposes only.
Show/Hide Block
old block icon new visual aid icon Simple icon change. Clicking this icon
surrounds block-level elements on the page
with a dotted line and labels them with a small
Insert Special Character old special character icon new character icon Simple icon change. Clicking this icon
brings up the Special Character modal,
where users can insert special characters
Assets old asset icon new asset icon Simple icon change. The icon has been
changed to the same icon that represents
Assets throughout the rest of OU Campus.
The Select Asset modal has also been updated
to be more consistent with other filechoosers
in OU Campus. 
Snippets old snippet icon new snippet icon Simple icon change. The icon has been
changed to the same icon that represents
Snippets throughout the rest of OU Campus.
The Choose Snippet modal has also been
updated to be more consistent with other filechoosers in OU Campus.
Table Tools table icontable icontable icontable iconand all other table-related icons  new tables icon

All table-related icons have been replaced
by one icon and the associated drop-down
menu. Users are able to create a new table
by hovering over a grid, delete a table with one
click, and edit row and cell properties through
the new Table dropdown menu.

For more information about the new table
menu, please visit the Table Tools section of
the JustEdit Toolbar page.

Table Tools Drop-Down Menu with Insert Table Popover justedit table popover

New Modals

Some commonly-used modals (the boxes that appear after a toolbar icon is clicked) have also changed to give users quicker access to the features that are needed the most and remove unnecessary confusion. Notable changes include:

Find and Replace: The new modal allows users to perform a simple Find or a Find and Replace from the same tab. Users must first perform a Find for the Replace and Replace all options become available.

justedit find & replace modalInsert/Edit Link: The Popup, Events, and Advanced tabs have been removed.

justedit insert link modal

Insert/Edit Mailto Link: The modal has been simplified.

justedit mailtoInsert/Edit Image: The Advanced tab has been removed. The Image Description field in
the old WYSIWYG Editor corresponds to the Description field in the new editor. Likewise,
the Title field in the old editor corresponds to the Tooltip field in the new editor.

justedit insert/edit imageInsert/Edit Video: Users do not have to manual enter in the Type of the video; this is now
done automatically. The Advanced tab has also been removed, and the Source tab has been
renamed to Embed Code.

justedit insert/edit videoSnippets: This modal is all-new and displays all available snippets by default while retaining a
similar look and feel to other filechooser modals in OU Campus.

justedit snippet modalAssets: This modal has been reworked to deliver functionality, look, and feel that is consistent
with the rest of OU Campus.justedit assets modalTable Properties: This modal has been simplified, with fewer properties in the Advanced tab.

justedit table properties modalNotable Deletions

Some icons in the old WYSIWYG Toolbar are not present in the new JustEdit Toolbar:

  • Save As
  • Revert Content to Last Saved
  • Clean Up Messy Code
  • CodeProtect Note: Pages with CodeProtect activated will be honored. The icon will not be available for use but CodeProtect will not be removed from the page.
  • WYSIWYG Forms Icons

Using the Old WYSIWYG Editor

If desired, users are able to access the old WYSIWYG Editor. Users may Shift+Click on the editable region button to use the old WYSIWYG Editor.

Editing Include Files in JustEdit

justedit editing includesWith JustEdit, users are able to edit any editable region on a page to which they have permission
to edit. This commonly includes navigation elements on a page, which are typically controlled by
include files. Include files are separate files from the PCF that shows the entire page. When editing
a navigation region using JustEdit, the changes will not be viewed on the live site until the include
file is published in addition to the page.

To publish the include file, navigate to the section in which the page resides. from the Pages list
view, locate the INC file (typically, it will be named or something similar), hover over
the file row, and click Publish under the Options heading.

JustEdit publish includeAlternatively, Shift+Click on the navigation element's editable region button while still on the
page in question. This will take the user to the INC file via the old WYSIWYG Editor. Then,
click Publish from the Page Actions Toolbar.