Interface Topics

Interface Topics

The interface section covers all the different parts of the OU Campus, such as the dashboard, navigation, and the WYSIWYG editor.


Logging In

Learn where to go and how to login to OU Campus.

Dashboard Menu Bar

The menu bar service as the primary means to navigate in OU Campus.


Learn more about the dashboard within OU Campus and how you can configure it.

Filter Tool

Learn how to filter the page list view so you only see what you are looking for.

JustEdit Editor

JustEdit is a new way to edit content in OU Campus. Complete with a new WYSIWYG toolbar, editing content has never been easier. This section explains the new features of JustEdit and gives a breakdown of the new WYSIWYG toolbar.


What You See Is What You Get, or "WYSWYG" for short, allows a familiar experience of editing a page in a word processor.