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Several utilities are common and available on many of the OU Campus screens that provide a view of content within the system. One of these is the Filter tool.

filter tool
Figure 1. Filter Tool

For example the Filter tool is available on the Content > Pages screen, many of the Reports. The Filter tool allows the content in a list view to be delimited by the string typed into the Filter field. The filter applies to specific columns available on the screen.

For example, the Pages list view includes a Name column, a Modified column, and others. In this case, the filter is applied to the Name column. Typing .inc shows the files with the extension of .inc as well as any files with the string of .inc within the file name.

filtered results
Figure 2. Filtered Results

The string that was entered can be quickly deleted by clicking the Delete icon within the Filter field.

This can also be very helpful if you are in the root of OUCampus and your site is on page 3 or 4. Now there is no need to click through the pages, you can just start to type your site name in the filter.

Filtering and Selecting All

When the list view is filtered and the select all checkbox is used, then only the filtered results are selected. Manually filtered and individually selected results (by checkbox) are also persistent when navigating by pagination.

Filtering and Assets

The Filter on the Assets screen includes the ability to filter by tags. For more information about managing assets:

Asset Management link