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The Gadgets sidebar can be shown or hidden by the user. The sidebar also automatically collapses or expands when a browser is resized. The Gadgets sidebar can be expanded by clicking on the Show Gadgets button at the top right of the screen. Show Gadgets

Once the Gadgets sidebar has been expanded, additional functionality is available; including the ability to choose which gadgets to show, to expand all, and to expand and collapse specific gadgets. Gadgets sidebar

When the Gadgets sidebar is expanded, each individual gadget can be expanded and used according to its functionality.

Gadget Sidebar Icon Reference

Icon Name Description
show gadgets  Show Gadgets Click the Gadgets icon to show the sidebar.
Choose Gadget Choose Gadget Click to display the Dashboard Configuration window from where it can be determined which gadgets to show in the sidebar.
Hide Sidebar Hide Gadgets Click the arrow to hide the sidebar.
Expand Gadget Expand a Gadget Click to expand the view of the gadget on the sidebar.
Collapse Gadget Collapse a Gadget Click to collapse the view of the gadget on the sidebar.

The Gadgets sidebar may include the following system gadgets by default:

  • Activity - Lists the most recent actions (such as publishes) performed in OU Campus by all users.
  • Images - Drag and drop images from any folder into edit views.
  • My Checked-Out Content - Lists all your checked-out files. Click one to go straight to its editing preview.
  • Page Analytics - Displays graphs of analytics data about the current page.
  • Snippets - Drag and drop any snippet in this site into an edit view.

Choosing Sidebar Gadgets

The Choose Gadgets button can be used by each individual user to choose which gadgets to display on the Gadgets sidebar.

  1. Click the Choose Gadgets icon to view the available gadgets.
    • A gadget with a checkmark and a green background indicates it is being shown on the sidebar.
    • A gadget without a checkmark indicates it is not being shown on the sidebar.
  2. Click anywhere within the gadget box to either select or deselect the gadgets that are shown on the sidebar.