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With the Page Analytics Gadget, Google Analytics data is viewable within OU Campus in the Gadgets sidebar. The data available is view and page analytics gadget

The Page Analytics Gadget includes the following features and functionality:

  • Choice of views using drop-down selector
  • Preconfigured date range selection (e.g., Last 7 Days, Today, and Last 30 Days)
  • Custom date range option with calendar pickers
  • Linked list of metrics; click name of metric item to display a modal with an expanded view of the metric
  • Expand icon to display the thumbnails in a modal

The thumbnail and expanded views include view chooser, date range selectors, scrollable data groups with metrics/dimensions, and data points. Each data group's display is similar to the Site Analytics Gadget for the Dashboard but in a modal window; the data shown in each modal is specific to the page that the user is on.

Page Analytics Expanded View

The following metrics are available for the Page Analytics Gadget:

  • Visitors
  • New Visitors
  • Pageviews
  • Unique Pageviews
  • Entrances (The Entrances metric does not have a chart, so no modal is displayed)
  • Exit Rate
  • Average Time on Page
  • Average Load Time (Provides the average of all the measured page load times collected over the specific period. There is no chart available for this metric)

With the exception of Entrances and Average Load Time, each data group will expand into a graphical view of the data when clicked on.

Gadget Views

Thumbnail View
Thumbnail View
Expanded View
Expanded View

Using the Gadget

In the Page Analytics gadget itself, users can use the date range selectors to view data over a predefined or custom-defined amount of time.alter date

When browsing through expanded data groups or in the thumbnail view, navigation arrows and buttons are available to help the user navigate to different data groups.navigate to different pages

Clicking the Home icon will bring the user back from an expanded data group back to the overview, which shows thumbnails for all available data groups. The Home button will be visible in the overview, but will nit be clickable. home button

When viewing a thumbnail of a data group, hover over and click the expand icon to show the expanded expanded view

Hovering over a data point on a line graph, chart, map, or bar chart/list will show more details.Hover over data point for more info