Gadgets Overview

A gadget is a little program that provides additional functionality or streamlined access to functionality within OU Campus. Some gadgets are only located on the Dashboard or on the Gadgets Sidebar, while others are available in both locations.

Each individual user can choose which gadgets to show or hide on their Dashboard or Gadgets Sidebar; some sidebar gadgets are only shown when within a specific editor as the operations performed there are specific only to page editing. These include the Images Gadget, Snippets Gadget, and Page Analytics Gadget.

Everyone has the ability to choose which available gadgets to show on the Dashboard as well as on the Gadgets sidebar since these are configured separately. Dashboard gadgets can be chosen to be shown or not by clicking the Configure Dashboard link on the main content area of the Dashboard. The Gadgets sidebar includes the Choose Gadgets button so that a user can choose which sidebar gadgets to show for the sidebar.

Gadget Types

gadget dashboard
Gadget Dashboard
Gadget Sidebar
Gadget Sidebar