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Activity is both a dashboard as well as a sidebar gadget. Although each gadget is displayed differently, they share the same functionality. This gadget provides the functionality of displaying a list of the most recent page actions for a site, listed in reverse chronological order. The Activity gadget is available for all users. Each action listed is displayed as a list item, with each item displaying the following elements:

  • Action Icon - Displays an icon relevant to the action performed
  • File Path - Displays the file's location within the site on the staging server
  • Username - Displays the user who performed the action
  • Timestamp - Displays the date and time of the action

The user can click the path link to navigate to the checked out page where it can then be modified or published. It is important to remember that if an item is already checked out to another user or you do not have access, then the content is unavailable.

Activity Gadget Views

activity dashboard
Activity dashboard gadget
activity sidebar gadget
Activity sidebar gadget