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Reusable content is convenient when working with multiple pages that require the exact same information. Assets allow for the creation and use of reusable content such as text, images, media, code blocks, managed forms, image galleries, polls, and comments. The use of assets gives users a way to easily insert a block of content to any number of pages via the WYSIWYG Editor or Source Editor. This also allows for content to be edited once, and after being republished become updated on all subscribing pages. This makes it easy and convenient to update common content such as a department phone number, an image, or simplify form creation. The creation, editing, and management of assets is integrated into the permission system and can be modified with the access settings.

Types of Assets

View more information about the four asset types available:

Asset Actions Toolbar

When a user selects an asset for previewing, editing, or chooses another option such from the Assets list view, the rendered view includes the Asset Actions toolbar. This toolbar is similar to the Page Actions toolbar. For more information about the Asset Actions toolbar: Asset Actions Toolbar

Managing and Inserting Assets

For more information about managing, creating, editing, and modifying access for assets as well as other management actions: Managing Assets

For more information about setting an asset's general properties, such as access settings, metadata, and the log file: Asset Properties

Once created, assets can be inserted on to pages using the WYSIWYG Editor and Source Editor. For more information about inserting assets: Inserting Assets