Asset Access

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When creating an asset the access settings for editing and using the asset can be defined with a group assignment. After creation, additional access settings are available.

The asset access settings for an individual asset are available in a panel view from the edit/preview edit mode for an asset on the Properties menu > Access. This can also be navigated to from the Assets list view, hover and from the Edit menu, select Properties.

Asset Access Panel
Access Settings Panel

The Access Settings for an asset includes the following:

  • Access Group: Defines the user group whose members have rights to edit assets within the site. If a user is not within the group, then they will not see the Access item on the Content menu nor be able to see the Assets screen.
  • Available To: Defines the user group whose members have rights to use this asset; for example, in order to insert it on a page. Membership in this group does not provide editing rights to assets.
  • Approver: Setting an approver overrides any users' approvers and requires that the asset be sent for approval. If not specifically defined, the default is to inherit from parent.
  • Enforce Approver: When selected, a user must send the asset to the approver. When not selected, a user may choose from the drop-down which user to send to.
  • Bypass Approval: Allows users in the selected group to bypass the approval process and immediately publish the asset.

Changing Asset Access Settings
  1. Navigate to the Assets list view or to the edit view of the asset.
  2. Hover over the row and from the Edit menu, choose Access, or from the Properties menus, select Access.
  3. For Access Group or Available To, select a group whose members will be able to edit or utilize the asset. To create an approval workflow for the asset, select a user as an approver. When selected, the Enforce Approver checkbox allows the asset to only be sent to the assigned approver, rather than be able to select any user from the drop-down.
  4. Click Save.