Theses, Doctoral Projects and Dissertations

The ETD (Office of Theses, Doctoral Projects and Dissertations) supports post-baccalaureate UIW students in the task of creating correctly formatted and ready-to-publish manuscripts. Support includes providing instructional time and materials about writing, formatting and publishing to students. Students can drop by or telephone the office anytime Monday through Friday, or email the ETD coordinator.

What is Format Review?

An important component of the support provided by this office includes format review of student work submitted for publication to the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Global database and for deposit into The Athenaeum, University of the Incarnate Word's digital repository of scholarly work. The purpose of the format review is to verify that the formatting of the ETD follows the editorial style standards of the student's discipline and all additional relevant UIW style requirements.

What Format Review is Not

Format review does not include a language level critique or an analysis of diction, grammar, syntax or sentence structure, nor does it attempt to ascertain if the student's argument makes any sense. These matters are entirely the responsibility of the student and the student's faculty advisors.

Writing Help

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies provides writing assistance for graduate students at any stage of manuscript preparation; appointments can be scheduled through the resource WCOnlineWCOnline is staffed by experienced UIW writing development specialists who are available for consultations in person and online.

Essential Resources

  • Copyright & Licensing

    It is essential for students to understand their rights as authors. See how copyright is defined, how to register your copyright, how your copyright is related to publication agreements, and how to license your work for deposit into The Athenaeum

  • ETD Formatting Instructions

    The ETD Formatting Instructions present a broad outline of how to format and submit the ETD; however, please use the ETD Style Manual for specific, detailed guidance on preparing the ETD for submission.

  • ETD Style Manual

    The Stylebook for Electronic Theses, Doctoral Projects and Dissertations contains formatting and publication guidelines for ETDs at UIW. (A PDF reader is required to view the file.)

  • ETD Page Templates

    These page templates, built in Microsoft Word, are pre-formatted to UIW publication requirements. Simply download and modify to meet your needs.

  • Format Review Deadlines

    Students must meet the published deadlines for submitting the ETD for format review. Students should also be aware of other calendar deadlines established by the Registrar's office, especially the deadlines to register for graduation.

  • Submitting the ETD & SafeAssign (plagiarism check)

    Submit the ETD for review to the ETD office through the ProQuest ETD Administrator. Students submit a SafeAssign report along with the ETD.