Eligible graduate and doctoral students wishing to re-enroll in their program of study may use the no-fee <<Graduate Application for Readmission>>, provided they meet the criteria described below.


Who may use the graduate application for readmission? Graduate and Doctoral students who leave the university

  • without approved leave of absence for no more than one long (fall or spring) semester, or
  • with approved leave of absence for up to a full year, or
  • because of dismissal/enforced withdrawal from a program (dismissed students must wait at least one full semester before reapplying).

Please click here <<Graduate Application for Readmission>> to complete the readmission from.

Students who have attended other colleges or universities during their leave of absence from UIW must supply copies of college transcripts (an official record of any and all graduate level work completed since last attendance at UIW) as part of their readmission application.

Students who left UIW via dismissal/enforced withdrawal are advised to show evidence of positive life change addressing their previous academic work in support of their application. Support documents frequently include a personal statement addressing what occurred previously and why the student is now better prepared for success in a graduate level academic environment.

Students who do not meet the criteria for readmission as described above must make a new application for admission to the university.

This application is for graduate returning students only. (Undergraduate students wishing to be readmitted are directed to the undergraduate re-admissions page.)

Graduate Appeals     

Graduate appeals should be made in person to the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies. To make an appointment, please call (210) 805-3555


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