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This no-fee readmission application is for eligible graduate or doctoral returning students only.

Undergraduate students wishing to be readmitted are directed to the undergraduate re-admission form


Graduate and Doctoral students who leave (have not registered for any classes) the university no longer than two consecutive semesters (Fall & Spring) can apply for readmission. 

Students who left UIW via dismissal/enforced withdrawal are advised to show evidence of positive life change addressing their previous academic work in support of their application. Support documents frequently include a personal statement addressing what occurred previously and why the student is now better prepared for success in a graduate level academic environment.

Students who do not meet the criteria for readmission as described above must make a new application for admission to the university.

Apply for Readmission




A graduate or doctoral student may appeal a readmission decision to the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies. To make an appointment, please call (210) 805-3555.

For More Information

Go to http://www.uiw.edu/orgs/policies/graduate-bulletin.html and see Readmission, Leave of Absence, and Withdrawal policies in the Graduate Bulletin.