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Graduation Requirements Checklist

  • You must have satisfied all your program requirements and have registered to graduate. For detailed information about registering to graduate, view the Office of the Registrar's Application Process page.
  • If you are in your final semester of attendance at UIW, you should have completed writing your thesis or dissertation early in the semester and have scheduled a meeting with your committee to defend the dissertation or thesis.
  • If you are in need of editorial assistance, seek that assistance prior to preparing the thesis or dissertation for committee defense. The copy of the thesis or dissertation you present to your committee should be completely edited and contain no formatting errors.
  • All research protocols must be closed before a student can graduate. For information on the IRB closure process, visit UIW's Human Subjects Research Institutional Review Board page.

Important Deadlines

Deadlines for submitting theses and dissertations for format review:

March 15, for graduation in May

June 1, for graduation in August

October 15, for graduation in December

If a submission due date falls on a weekend, the submission is due the following Monday.

Please allow at least three weeks for format review to be completed.

Student work submitted after the deadlines may not be reviewed in time to meet the graduation deadlines set by the UIW Registrar. View the Academic Calendar for deadlines and other important information.

Forms and Other Information to Submit Your Final Semester

--in addition to your thesis or dissertation--

Defense Announcement form. Use this form to announce your intention to present a public defense of your thesis or dissertation. Submit the form at least 2 weeks prior to the defense date. This form should be accompanied by the structured abstract.

Structured Abstract. The structured abstract serves as a record of research at UIW. Submit along with your defense announcement form, or earlier if it is ready.                 

Approval of Defense form. Submit this form—signed by your committee—after a successful public defense, along with your completed thesis or dissertation.

Survey of Earned Doctorates (PhD students only). Complete the National Science Foundation’s Survey of Earned Doctorates. The registration site is here: https://sed-ncses.org. Be sure to indicate the month of your graduation, which is either May, August, or December.

Clearance form. This form, signed by the Director of Graduate Studies, affirms that all requirements have been satisfied and that you are eligible to graduate. The form is distributed to your department, your committee, and to the Registrar’s office.


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