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Optometry Student Debt Management & Counseling

Financing an optometric education is an important investment, therefore financial planning and debt management are essential as you begin your professional career.


Understanding the realities of borrowing will help in setting financial goals and making informed decisions about your future.

UIWRSO will make available to optometry students information and resources related to financial assistance and debt counseling to help them be come educated consumers. All optometry school applicants will receive financial aid information on the day of their admission interview. UIWRSO will work with applicants to assess their borrowing needs, to inform them about the financial aid application process, and to familiarize them with the types of assistance available to them.

Upon admission and enrollment in the Rosenberg School of Optometry, students may speak with the UIWRSO Financial Aid Advisor to review their financial needs and determine their financial packaging.

Financial aid and debt counseling information sessions designed specifically for optometry students will be conducted by the UIWRSO Financial Aid Representative on a regular basis in order to educate students on debt management strategies, financial information and personal finance.

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