Graduation Information

Please review important information that will help you prepare for your graduation from UIWRSO.

  • Graduation Application Process
    • The Registrar’s office will be sending emails pertaining to the application process.
    • Be on the lookout for these emails during the Fall and Spring semesters.
    • Please carefully read the deadlines for turning in all documents. In addition to the application for graduation, there are additional forms which will need to be completed and submitted directly to the Registrar's Office. 
    • An email from the Registrar's Office will be instructing you to make an appointment with your advisor to review your degree plan, your transcript, and the checklist for graduation.  This process is NOT required for Optometry students. The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs does not need to meet with all of you for a grad audit or signatures.
  • Account Balance

    Your account balance in the Business Office must be clear, with no holds remaining on your account. We strongly encourage all students to clear accounts by March 15. Please continue to check accounts for minor issues which could create holds such as library fines, parking tickets, etc. Should you have any questions regarding holds, contact Ms. Mohr in Student Affairs.

  • Class Graduation Meeting

    During this session detailed information will be provided on the commencement ceremony and the awards/hooding ceremony as they relate to the processional, hooding, and recessional.  A detailed agenda of the ceremonies will be provided and reviewed. 

    • Wednesday, May 9th
    • RSO Events Room #304
    • 3:00PM
    • Casual attire
    • Items to be completed
      • information sheet
      • name phonetic cards
  • Graduation Finale

    During this session all exit materials will be distributed.  Heavy hors d’oeuvres will be served.  This is a come and go event. Guests are welcome.

    • Wednesday, May 9th
    • RSO Events Room #301
    • 4:00 - 6:00PM
    • Casual attire
    • Distribution of:
      • Academic regalia to include hood, cap, and gown
      • Alumni resources
      • Financial aid exit packet
      • Industry Partner resources
  • Hooding/Awards Ceremony

    The Hooding and Awards ceremony will take place on Thursday, May 10th, 2018 at 6:00pm at St. George Maronite Church.  Additional details will be forthcoming. Tickets are not required for this event.

  • Academic Regalia

    The online portal to order your academic regalia and graduation announcements will open early in the spring term.

    The website is:

    To ensure we receive your academic regalia before the graduation ceremonies, your academic regalia must be ordered by the deadline determined by Herff Jones. The site will remain open after that deadline date for announcements and ring orders.

    Students have the choice to rent ($160) or purchase ($600-$800) their academic regalia. Unless you are planning to go into academia, renting is the most common practice. To order your academic regalia, you will need to know your height, weight and head size. Ladies, please keep in mind your height should be recorded to include the shoes/heels that you are planning to wear during commencement. Generally speaking, the graduation gown should hang 8 inches from the floor. The processional will be a fairly long walk as part of the University tradition. Thus, I would encourage comfortable but professional shoes. You can measure your head size by running a tape measure around your head, approx. a ½ inch above your eye brows. We recommend renting a 'medium' size hat or larger. Please supply the measurement in inches.

    When you order your cap and gown, the academic regalia will be delivered to the RSO Office of Student Affairs. Students will be able to pick up their academic regalia at the RSO Grad Finale.

    In addition to ordering your academic regalia through this site, you can also order announcements, class ring, etc.  Announcements start at approximately $70 for an order of 25 cards.

  • Honor Cords

    Honor cords may be worn as part of a student’s academic regalia during official graduation ceremonies such as the RSO Hooding Ceremony and the University Commencement Ceremony. Honor cords may be displayed around the neck, on the outside of the graduation gown. The following international honor societies are approved to provide cords to their members including BSK & Gold Key. A candidate may wear cords symbolizing institutional academic honors as well. Academic honors, such as cum laude (3.50 GPA), magna cum laude (3.70 GPA), or summa cum laude (3.9 GPA), will be bestowed upon UIWRSO graduates who meet the established academic qualifications. Please note, in order to keep the integrity of the professional optometry degree academic regalia, a student may only wear a maximum of three honors cords during official graduation events.

    Academic honor cord recipients will receive their cords at the graduation events. These cords are generously gifted to our students by the University. If you have any questions as to whether or not you qualify for academic distinction, please review the Student Handbook or email the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.

    Please note, cumulative GPAs through the Fall term are used to determine academic honors announcements at commencement. However, the status of your academic honors can change depending on your final cumulative GPA at the end of the Spring term.

  • Graduation Announcements
    • Announcements may be purchased through Herff Jones. Announcements start at approximately $70 for an order of 25 cards.
    • The website is:
  • Diploma Receipt

    Diplomas are not given out during commencement when you walk the stage.  It takes approximately six to eight weeks after Commencement to receive your diploma. University diplomas are coordinated through the Registrar's office and printed by a third party vendor. Diplomas are sent directly to the graduate from the diploma vendor using your Permanent Address in Bannerweb. Students will receive an email from the vendor when the diplomas ship.

    Please make sure that your Permanent Address is updated in Bannerweb BEFORE May 11, 2018. Please also double check your student account to ensure your account is clear as an outstanding balance can place a hold on diploma and transcript release.

    Some state licensing boards do require a duplicate diploma or copy of the diploma. If this is the case for you, please contact Student Affairs and we can generate an official Confirmation of Graduation letter to support your license application . This official letter has been sufficient for the state optometry boards in the past but clarification should be addressed by the specific state board in question.

  • Final Official Transcript

    You can request a transcript through Bannerweb by following the instructions below. Please note, if this is for a state license, typically they will require the transcript to include the degree conferral date. Therefore, please be sure to indicate you need the transcript to be released only after the conferral date has been added. Though the Registrar's office does prioritize our graduates, this can take a few weeks post graduation.

    • Log onto MyWord to access Bannerweb via portal
    • Click on the Bannerweb shortcut
    • Click on Student Services found on the Main Menu page of Bannerweb (highlighted in blue)
    • Once on the Student Services Main Menu, click on Student Records (highlighted in blue)
    • Next, Click on Request Printed/Official Transcript
    • Follow instructions as prompted
  • Photography

    UIW contracts with Lifetouch Special Event to photograph the Commencement ceremonies. Photos can be purchased from Lifetouch.  The contact information for Lifetouch Special Events can be found at

  • Disability Accommodations

    We provide disability services for both our students and their guests who attend the Commencement ceremonies when we are apprised early enough to provide such accommodation. Letting us know your needs early allows us to provide you with the best possible service. We need to know your special needs at least one week before the scheduled Commencement ceremony. Please contact Student Affairs at 210.283.6978 or email Libby Macias at

  • Hotels/Accommodations

    UIWRSO has coordinated with select local hotels to offer discounted rates to students, families, and guests. Please follow the link for more information.



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