Pediatric Eye Care


Pediatric eye careThe Pediatric Care service provides care to patients ages 12 and under, and utilizes specialized techniques to provide comprehensive eye examinations to infants, pre-school and school-aged children.

The American Optometric Association recommends that all children have a comprehensive eye examination by:

  • the age of 6 months
  • at 3 years
  • before entering first grade
  • thereafter per optometrist recommendation (not less than every 2 years)

Healthy vision is necessary to every child's development and well-being. The early diagnosis and treatment of vision disorders is essential for proper development of the visual system, and successful treatment of any visual anomalies can be obtained more rapidly with early detection.

Our Vision Therapy Service evaluates and treats patients with ocular alignment issues such as strabismus (eye turn), amblyopia (lazy eye), and other eye coordination issues. Binocular vision (eye coordination) problems can cause headaches, eye strain, double vision, decreased athletic ability, and reduced concentration. Vision therapy is individually prescribed and monitored by an eye care professional.